19 June 2009

Preparing Vegetables for your Daily diet:

We already knew the importance of vegetables in our diet. The benefits in our body are incomparable to any other food. However, veggies consumption and its benefits vary depending on how you prepare it. Cooked veggies may have fewer nutrients that our body could take in. Why? Because most minerals and vitamins that were in the vegetables were water soluble and they can easily removed by just soaking fresh veggies in the water. Thorough washing with running water is recommended. This process will remove the dirt, and other chemicals in it but soaking in water will removed the water soluble vitamins.

Ever since, we’ve been cooking vegetables simply because it’s just the way how we’ve been doing it and that we think it’s the best thing to do. We missed the fact that we were just like eating empty shell served in a plate.

Cooking methods significantly reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals except steaming and using microwave. The use of microwave according to study has retained vitamin C after it is cooked, this is because microwave oven does not use water to cook the veggies instead it uses the water molecules inside the veggies to cook it. Therefore water soluble vitamins are not destroyed. Also, cooking the veggies inside the microwave oven is speedy and it does not change the natural color, texture and flavor of the vegetables. Steaming has known that it retain large amount of vitamin but microwave oven has proved its efficiency.

However, you will get a lot more in your veggies if you will eat them raw as in “fresh raw”. Here’s how? Raw vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins namely vitamin A, D, E, and C, natural sugars, enzymes, and other potent anti oxidant. These are the natural amazing nutritional value that we could get from eating raw vegetables. Veggies are natural laxatives because it has high in fiber that will get rid of the toxins and waste in our body. It has powerful enzymes that will help our body easily digest the food.
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Optimum Health: Health &Wellness

Vegetables for your Daily diet:

Vegetables should always be a part of our diet. Nowadays, due to some external environmental factors people tend to get sick very easily. Illnesses of different type kill human around the world in every second. Diseases were discovered and still awaiting for the new treatment and intervention. How could be we avoid such illness and diseases? What we should know to protect ourselves?

I used to remember when I was a kid that I really hate to eat vegetables. Since we are not rich my mom has nothing to serve on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner but veggies and rice. These are typical Filipino foods. However, veggies were cooked not the same way as I recently knew.

Vegetables and fruits were recommended to be in our diet 80% for at least 3x a day. It’s none debatable that vegetables consumption can lower our risk and prevent some serious illness and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high pretension, kidney failure, skin problems and other cardiovascular disorder. In the Philippines, Mallungay leaves were considered as the queen vegetables. Probably due to the fact that it is a dark green in color and has a powerful Vitamin E, Iron and anti oxidant properties. Vegetables were considered a natural laxative, since they contain high fiber it helps to cleanse our body and get rid of toxins and waste.

Bright colored vegetables were more beneficial that the other veggies. They contains more nutrients and vitamins that are power boaster anti oxidant namely Vit. A, D, E, C and other minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Folate, Phosphorous. This is reason why it protects our body from any degenerative disease and from developing certain cancer. Veggies do have excellent action as a neutralizing agent in our body and has an alkalinizing effect because they will remove the toxins and body waste.
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Optimum Health: OFW Illness free

As I have been reading a lot of alternative treatment issues, I have decided to write an article concerning back to basic treatment.

Hospitalization, Medicines and other laboratory examination were too expensive, those in the average class find it outrageous to catch up their medical bills and it’s considered a “luxury to seek hospital treatment”. Well, it has been said that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. So we should be very careful in our physical wellbeing.

Some people tend to very health conscious; they took medicine, vitamins and etc. just to be physically fit without a qualified medical practioners advice. You should know that there are certain medicines and vitamins that need prescription and that you should be medically evaluated by your medical practioner first before you are going to take medications or other food supplement.

Well, here is the alternative that you need not to worry. The cost effectiveness and availability is amazing. You don’t have to worry about side effects because there is none. And you know what? You can find this in your Kitchen cabinet.

The Amazing Honey!

It has been studied that honey cures a lot of illness because its enzymes has an antiviral properties. It is a potent anti oxidant and a very good alternative to white sugar. Even diabetics can use these in a certain amount. However, you need to have a fresh or raw honey, because pasteurized honey has removed the necessary enzymes.

•Longevity: Tea with honey when taken ¼ cup, 3 to 4 times a day keeps the skin fresh and soft and arrest old age. Remember steep the hot water first then add the honey on the tea. I would like to recommend using green tea for it has proven greater amount of anti oxidant.
•Skin infections: apply honey mixed with cinnamon powder in all type of skin infections.
•Common colds: in a cup of tea use a teaspoonful of honey with lemon ;( note don’t put honey in boiling water, you will destroy the enzyme its healing property).
•Immune System: daily use of honey strengthens the immune system and protects the body from harmful bacteria and viral attacks.
•Fatigue: According to studies those who took honey are more alert and flexible. Honey also increases the vitality of the body within a week.
•Weight loss: Let me quote this article Cinnamon and Honey Formula:
http:// www.angelfire.com/az/sthurston/honeyandcinnamon.html
This should be prepared at night before going to bed.
•Use 1 part of cinnamon (available in grocery stores in powder form) to 2 parts raw honey. ½ tsp cinnamon to 1 tsp honey is recommended but can use more or less as long as in the ratio of 1:2 so 1 tsp cinnamon to 2 tsp raw honey is ok too as an example.
•Boil 1 cup… that is 8 oz of water.
•Pour water over cinnamon and cover and let it steep for ½ hour…(30minutes)
•Add honey now that it has cooled. Never add honey when it is hot as heat will destroy the enzymes and other nutrients in the raw honey.
•Drink ½ of this directly before going to bed. The other ½ should be covered and refrigerated.
•In the morning drink the other half that you refrigerated… but do not reheat it… drink it cold or at room temp. only.
Do not add anything else to this recipe. No lemon, no lime, no
Vinegar. It is not necessary to drink it more time in a day…. It
is only effective on an empty stomach and primarily at night.

I would like to recommend the site I mentioned above. The site has been very helpful in the quest for wellness in a natural cure & nature’s remedy. Lastly, you should have a regular check up by your family physician, after all Health is wealth.
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Operation sandstorm

Sa Pilipinas asa man ka makakita og balas nanglupad? Wla diba? gawas lang niadtong Mt. Pinatubo nga mibuto kay ang Pampanga morag nahimong disyerto pag kahuman.

Dire sa Disyerto sa Oman, Tungod lagi kay ako man ang magbalantay sa mga trabahante nga nag mina og lana! Sa pinas lahi ang lana, kay lana man sa Lubi! Ha ha ha ha. Matag hapon usahay buntag sayo ang sandstorm murag “twister” mag biyo biyo sa area, usahay mauyog na ang among cabin sa kakusog.

Sa una mora kog lusapan kung mag padulong na ang sandstorm, Murag maguba ang akong dughan sa ka kulba tungod sa ka susog sa sandstorm. Hadlok basig manlupad ang tanan maapil ko. Pareho sa pelikula nga “twister” nga ang mga baka nanglupad pati trailer truck.

Dire ang sandstorm ordinaryo na kaayo. Mura na lang og hangin nga nagdala og balas nga kalit lang mosagpa sa imong dagway dason hungitan ka og abog!

Tan awa ra gud ning pictures og video……

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18 June 2009

Pay Yourself First:

I have read a blog the pinoy-business.com. The topic caught my attention it was pretty interesting. The topic defines personal expenditures that would have a tremendous effect on OFWs’.

The topic was a bit related to Francisco Colayco’s book “Pera mo Palaguin mo! Part II”, I guess, every OFW must secure a copy of this wonderful book. The content of this book was very instrumental on our saving skills and financial knowledge. All were enumerated on how to keep our money maximized and invested in a full return. OFWs’ do grab a copy now; it is a bestseller, a highly recommended book for all of OFWs'.

Sometime last week, I've watched the Oprah TV show with guest named Susan (I forgot her family name), she’s a financial expert. She mentioned the recent financial depression in the states and how to survive in the present turmoil. She advised on “stash your cash” solution.

Here are some of the following suggestions that might be helpful:

1. Pay your self first / stash your cash:

How would you do this? First, determine your net monthly salary and according to Francisco Colayco’s book, approximately 20% should be saved in a bank thru passbook account wherein you can’t easily withdraw your money. This entails a force of a mandatory pay your self first. The other option is if you desire to save a certain reasonable amount from your monthly salary, then stash the cash right away and save it safely, the pay your self money should never be used in any reason, for in the future you will invest it in an earning business. Francisco’s book offer a lot of option and one of which were buying a stock share (I guess you need a financial adviser on this), invest in Equity, Franchising business, bank mutual fund, and or time deposit.

2. Cut your monthly expenses:

In the Oprah show, Susan (a financial expert) advised to cut your monthly expenses in a half! Too difficult isn’t it? But it is a well sounding decision. All you have to do is make a list of all the necessary things you need and cut down the amount you are going to spend, for this you will have enough savings as your emergency fund. The most important is being wise with your expenditures and buy only those that you need most and not that what you want. Wants and need in its sense was entirely different.

3. Choose the life style you want:

Though we are in the midst of financial crisis, we can find ways to enjoy ourselves; all we have to do is choose what kind of life style we want. Francisco Colayco advised that we can indulge in other recreational activities that you don’t have to spend much money. Take for example like gardening, jogging, family picnics, etc.
Well, OFW’s must be serious on this; we don’t want our hard earned money thrown meaningless. We worked hard for it and earned it. The question of why we left our country has a definite reason and one of that reasons is for financial freedom. Now, most of us tend to forget this when we go back home, we tend to be like a king when it comes to spending during vacation, as what they usually call “one day millionaire”. We should be wise in everything and the arrogance of coming home will likely put us in jeopardy. Be frugal and humble when coming home. It’s not a matter of what you have then when you will be meeting your friends and families but it’s your presence and a simple thought of your kindness. Be prudent in what lifestyle you choose.

4. Helping others:

It is a noble attitude to help others, especially to those people who are very dear to us, but we have to take into consideration our financial stability first. We have to make sure that what we give is an extra on our part and we have already secured our financial status. There’s a phrase “it’s better to give than to receive”, but don’t be overwhelmed by this saying. Don’t be afraid to tell your relatives how hard it is to work in a thousand mile away from home. Your hard earned money was a product of your precious flesh and blood. Be true to the people who asked for help and don’t give too much. Help your self first!

The self help tips mentioned above were very challenging. Though, this needs a lot of sacrifice and self determination. But mind you, its pays to be wise in everything for our future survival. The most important thing is save...save... and save in the best way you can, cut your personal expenditures and make your emergency fund viable at all time.

Good luck my fellow OFWs’!

For more tips of personal saving matters and business opportunities please visit this site:

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16 June 2009

Kantang Bisdak

Tungod lagi kay ako permi naa sa gawas sa Pilipinas, ako usahay wala na gyuy nahibal -an hilanbigit sa mga nanghitabo sa nasud. Kung unsa man ang uso ako ulahi ra gayud kaayo. Usa niini ang mga kanta, may bag- o kaming pinoy nga miabot sa kompanya, siya Manilenyo, tubong Tanay Rizal. Tagalog dili kabalo mag binisaya pero ako nakurat kay sa dihang iya gipatingog iyang telepono usa ka bisya nga bersyon sa “low” ang sonata. Pastilan! Pag ka mayo na man diay sa mga bisaya mo mugna og kanta. Maski ang togtog English pero pwede na nila ma buhatan sa binisaya nga bersyon. Haska nakong lipaya. Dali! Ako gilyaon gipa “bluetooth’ .

Pag uli nako miadtong Marso 2009, nangita ko og CD nga mga bisaya na kanta. Makalingaw paminawon ang mga kanta, makahimuot ka kay hasta mga bata edad 8 pataas maayo naman mo sabay sa kanta tanan lyrics memoryado pa!.

Sa mga Banda nga nag mugna og bisayang kanta, nah ala! Padayuna mga dodong! ayaw palupig sa mga tagalong og English nga kanta, kay kanang inoyng gibuhat mao kana ang paghigugma sa atong natawhang pinulungan.

Atong ipabarog ang atong pagka tatak Bisdak ….
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15 June 2009

Palahubog si Boy:

Dili kalikayan ang usa ka OFW kung makauli sa Pilipinas makainum gayud, usahay kontudo tagay! Tungod lagi sa kahinangop sa pamilya, kaila, paryente og mga ka amigo. Sa kahinangop walay laing maidulot kundi inum. Labi na gayod pag Kumpare na ang mo bisita nya taod taod na wala mag kit anay, sus! Pwerteng inum depende nalang sa mulahutay.

Kining akong kauban sa trabaho iyang silingan usa usab ka OFW, gani man pareho sila og kompanyang gi trabahoan. Dili naman unta kahinangop ang mahitabo kay permi man unta makauli. Pag human sa 35 ka adlaw maka uli man gilayon siya. Pero kay tungod lang gyud sa ka hangol sa alak pwerte maka laklak. Sumala pa sa akong amigo, mag binuntagay og inum uban sa iyang mga ka berks, tambay sa kanto dason gulp gulp sa baso. Mao kini ang nahitabo. Ambot lang kaha og wala siya manghinayang sa iyang gigasto kay kuno dako man siya og sweldo. Pero sa halos kada adlaw og inum uban sa iyang mga barkada, ang lawas mo surrender gayud. Ang gidangatan ni Boy! Na hospital kay gi “gastritis”. Maayo gani kay mao ra kini ang iyang gidangatan.

Pero ang gikalainan sa akong amigo, kung si Boy mahubog lahi na ang buhaton, morag mawad an sa iyang buot.Murag batang gamay mokitoy kitoy og kiay! May higayon na ang iyang pag umangkon gihangat ni boy og kwarta para lang daw makipag table sa iya! Makaisa pa mo sayaw lang dayon, morag si silya nga nangita kang basilyo.

Ang pinaka grabe, kadtong panahon na dapat makauli na sya sa ila, wala sya mitunga kay didto mi uban sa usa ka babae og mitipon bale isa ka semana. Ang asawa ni Boy nag budlat nalang ang mata og hinuwat sa asawa pastilan! wala pa mitunga. Pag kahuman sa usa ka semana si Boy mi uli wala man gani nag storya sa asawa kung diin sya napalid sa hangin.

Siguro kadaghanan sa mga OFW, kung mo uli dili gayud mo minor sa gasto. Tungod lagi kuno kay may kwarta man lagi. Pero dapat lang unta timbang timbangon na ang ilang kwarta wala man unta gipamudyot sa dalan, Kini gipatulo an og singot. Unta maka amgo ang sa susama kang boy na dili tanan panahon kalipay lang, muabot ang adlaw na siya matigulang og walay tinigum sa kalye gyapon siya motambay dili mag gulp gulp sa baso kundili mangita og sinsilyo para ika palit pagkaon.

Lisod sayangon ang panahon. Labina ang tanan dire sa kalibutan lumalabay lamang. Dapat tagaan og importansya ang tanan nga masugatan kay ang tanan ato lamang hinulaman.
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Ang kapait may kinutuban…..

Pag kapait sa panahon karon…
Walay kapaingnan ang pag paningkamot.
Maski gibuhat na ang tanan, wala gyapoy katumanan
Ang gusto dili makab-ot….

Lisod tuisun ang kapalaran…
kay sila nag ingon mao na kana ang nakatatak sa palad.
Supak ako niini, Ang pagpaningkamot may bunga gayod!...
Ang kahuyang dili ipasulabi…

Ngano man ang mga kabos ngadto karon mi asinso?
Ngano man ang mag uuma nahimong hasyindero?
Maski ang nagbaligya sa saging minantikaan…
Karon na bwena mano

Kining tanan bunga sa pagpaningkamot.
Katakos sa kaugalingon inubanan sa pagsalig og pag ampo.
Ang tanan mahimong bahandianon…

Mga pagsulay , ayaw tagda kay kini lumalabay lamang.
Kay ang tanang kapait may kinutuban…

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Matinabangon bisan sa panahon sa Krisis!

Dako ang akong kalipay nga may nahimamat akong kapareha ko usa ka OFW. Sa pagkatinuod lang wala na gayud ko mag dahom nga sa panahon karon naa pa diay mga malumo og kasingksaing nga andam mo tabangan sa mga isig ka ingon maski ang tanan nag lisod sa pag pangapkap og salapi. Ang uban kayod kontudo para lang may maipadala sa pamilya sa Pilipinas. Gani kong gusto man mo kaon og lamian pugson nalang ang ginhawaan sa pagkaong baratohon, pangyawat na dako dako ang matigum para maipadala sa pamilya sa pinas. Pag ka bahandianong batasan.

May webpage ako sa http://www.ofwnation.com/ , isip usa ka simpleng OFW, naningkamot para sa kaugmaon pero malumo tawon og kasingkasing og dali ra malukmo kong unsa man ang makita, ugali ang akong luha mabaw ra gayud tawon.

Nag sulat ako og usa ka articulo personal kong paagi para makatabang sa akong klasmayte sa high school karon usa na sa “Doktora” nag serbisyo publiko sa isla sa Mindoro. Tungod lagi kay ang ilang organisasyon usa pa pribado nga nag lihok lamang sa mga donasyon sa mga pribadong indibidwal. Sulod sa walo ka tuig ang iyang pag serbisyo publiko usa ka matang nga mapahiubsanong katungdanan nga talagsaon.

Kinsa kuno ang molangtod og walo ka tuig nga wala may igong sweldo? Lisod palandungon kong kinsa ang modugay nianing matang sa propesyon.

Usa Ka maanyag na OFW na distino sa Taiwan natandog sa akong sulat. Natural na daw matud niya ang motabang sa mga kagkinahanglan sa iyang tabang. Wala man mag duha duha siya gilayon nag padala og ka gamit para sa mga kabos isip usa ka pag suporta sa akong classmate sa pag tabang sa mga nitibong Mangyan sa isla sa Mindoro.

Ako nag pasalamat kay Ms. Joanah of Taiwan. Ang imong pakipaglambigit sa pag tabang sa mga kabos dako uyamot og pulos sa mga kabos natong mga igsoon nga wala gayud silang kapaingan kundi ang mabuhi sa kapit os sa kinabuhi. Hinaut unta nga may mga malumo pa og kasing kasing og suportahan ang kawsa sa mga German- doctors para pagtambal sa mga kabos sa Pilipinas .

Saludo ako sa akong classmate nga si Dra. Fe Nocete kay sulod sa walo ka tuig siya nag pabilin pag tabang sa mga nitibo sa isla mga layo tawon dakpon sa sibilisasyon. Ang inyong katakos pag tabang sa mga kabos walay bahandi nga makatugbang niini.
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