19 June 2009


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Vegetables for your Daily diet:

Vegetables should always be a part of our diet. Nowadays, due to some external environmental factors people tend to get sick very easily. Illnesses of different type kill human around the world in every second. Diseases were discovered and still awaiting for the new treatment and intervention. How could be we avoid such illness and diseases? What we should know to protect ourselves?

I used to remember when I was a kid that I really hate to eat vegetables. Since we are not rich my mom has nothing to serve on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner but veggies and rice. These are typical Filipino foods. However, veggies were cooked not the same way as I recently knew.

Vegetables and fruits were recommended to be in our diet 80% for at least 3x a day. It’s none debatable that vegetables consumption can lower our risk and prevent some serious illness and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high pretension, kidney failure, skin problems and other cardiovascular disorder. In the Philippines, Mallungay leaves were considered as the queen vegetables. Probably due to the fact that it is a dark green in color and has a powerful Vitamin E, Iron and anti oxidant properties. Vegetables were considered a natural laxative, since they contain high fiber it helps to cleanse our body and get rid of toxins and waste.

Bright colored vegetables were more beneficial that the other veggies. They contains more nutrients and vitamins that are power boaster anti oxidant namely Vit. A, D, E, C and other minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Folate, Phosphorous. This is reason why it protects our body from any degenerative disease and from developing certain cancer. Veggies do have excellent action as a neutralizing agent in our body and has an alkalinizing effect because they will remove the toxins and body waste.
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