19 June 2009


Preparing Vegetables for your Daily diet:

We already knew the importance of vegetables in our diet. The benefits in our body are incomparable to any other food. However, veggies consumption and its benefits vary depending on how you prepare it. Cooked veggies may have fewer nutrients that our body could take in. Why? Because most minerals and vitamins that were in the vegetables were water soluble and they can easily removed by just soaking fresh veggies in the water. Thorough washing with running water is recommended. This process will remove the dirt, and other chemicals in it but soaking in water will removed the water soluble vitamins.

Ever since, we’ve been cooking vegetables simply because it’s just the way how we’ve been doing it and that we think it’s the best thing to do. We missed the fact that we were just like eating empty shell served in a plate.

Cooking methods significantly reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals except steaming and using microwave. The use of microwave according to study has retained vitamin C after it is cooked, this is because microwave oven does not use water to cook the veggies instead it uses the water molecules inside the veggies to cook it. Therefore water soluble vitamins are not destroyed. Also, cooking the veggies inside the microwave oven is speedy and it does not change the natural color, texture and flavor of the vegetables. Steaming has known that it retain large amount of vitamin but microwave oven has proved its efficiency.

However, you will get a lot more in your veggies if you will eat them raw as in “fresh raw”. Here’s how? Raw vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins namely vitamin A, D, E, and C, natural sugars, enzymes, and other potent anti oxidant. These are the natural amazing nutritional value that we could get from eating raw vegetables. Veggies are natural laxatives because it has high in fiber that will get rid of the toxins and waste in our body. It has powerful enzymes that will help our body easily digest the food.
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