26 August 2009


Camel Encounter

I worked in the desert for 3 years now. I have nothing much to do but to keep up on my work and responsibilities. The main focus of my job is to keep the guys healthy and physically fit at all times. Since we are working in an oil exploration and drilling, each of the guys has no reason to get sick since the rig as a major and powerful structure working 24 hours a day.

Since I have no day off till I get thru with my 70 days duty, I have no special getaway but just roam around the desert oilfield area. To those who don't know, desert was a very special place to some animals. One of which are the Camels. I have been getting amazed by these wonderful animals freely wandering in the vast oilfield in Mukhaizna Oman. I could say that there has been technology in commune with nature. Camels just wander without harm.

Health Safety and Environment as an industry department has been extremely involve in environmental protection and that exploration was been done with a main point of not harming the environment and creatures that lives within.

Camels were actually sort of wild animals wandering in the desert, but they are as tamed as those domesticated animals. These mighty desert animals never harm anyone that comes near them. I remember my former boss usually fed them early morning as they tend to come to the rig by herds. They can smell the food and are not choosey. They like sandwiches, fruits and even crew food leftovers. The main problem is once you feed these animals, they will come to you over and over again. The funniest thing is they knew whose that person feeding them and they will wait for that person in front of the tea room.

Camels got a big hump at their back, it is actually their water storage for them as they journey miles away looking for food. Try to imagine how can they get food and in a dry desert. The answer is Gods grace and blessings…. These amazing animals can find a way!

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