22 September 2009


Mandatory Insurance Scheme for Filipino Expatriates

Yesterday night I watched the City 7 Channel news a tv channel from U.A.E. I was astonished about the news on the mandatory insurance scheme for Filipino Expatriates in United Arab Emirates.

I guess this news could make a leap of security to all Filipinos working overseas. If the Department of Foreign Affairs and the rest of the Philippine Consular Offices around the globe make this in effect to all the OFW’s regardless of the length of stay in a particular country then we will worry no more.

Financial freedom is what all OFW’s were aiming for; we worked so hard to the point that some works 12 hrs a day and some 18 hours more. Basically we are not robots; our physical body will one day get tired and eventually gave up. If that time comes then we are ready, we are protected by this OFW insurance scheme!

Back in the Philippines, Phil Health, Social Security System and other Pre need plans were all program necessary for all OFW. It’s like saving for the rainy season. We can’t afford to get sick, but if ever that happens we should be ready to shoulder whatever expenses incurred. This is not hoping of getting sick or being morbid. It is having heath security and gaining financial freedom.

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