04 September 2009


Your Emotions Affect Your Health

I was reading some relevant information on health and wellness. Most people were worried about their wellbeing. Trying to keep themselves healthy, they took a lot of food supplements, rigid exercises and some on strict diet.

Being emotionally conscious and to the extent of being worried of whatever you think bothers you is not that healthy. Emotions do affect your health. Your body responds to what you think, feel and act. During my college years, I remember my psychology professor said that it is called the power of suggestion they called the mind and body connection

When you are extremely stressed, sad or even happy your body reacts immediately. Your body will tell you that something is not right by developing some physical symptoms such as stomach upset, headache, feeling dizzy, heart beats faster, urgency to urinate, extreme tiredness , trouble sleeping and a lot more.

People who are emotionally healthy are aware of their feelings, thoughts and behaviours. They can control their feeling and balance in order to prevent emotional disruption. However, people with poor emotional health can easily get sick since since their body's defense (immune system) weakens.

How to maintain good emotional health:

Think positive, take life as the way it has full of positive challenges.
Be aware of your feelings and learn how to control them.
Develop positive coping mechanism like deep breathing when in deep stress, and positive relaxation techniques.
Depression is a big emotional and a medical issue, you need to visit your Doctor for counselling and further treatment.
Try to balance your routine with leisure as a punishment and reward system.
Get more strength from family support system.
Live a balanced life- it is important to deal with the negative feelings and try to focus on the positive things in life. A positive outlook can improve your way of life and even boost your health.

Reference: Family Doctor.Org.
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