31 August 2010

Pinoy Atin to TV Test Broadcast in Middle East

Pinoy Atin to TV is a free channel for all OFW in the Middle East area. Now on its test broadcast with entertaining segment program. Though various tv personalties were not as  big celebrity as TFC and orbit GMA but to widely mention that it is a free channel it  has been a big entertainment for all OFWs' in the whole of middle east.

Pinoy Atin to TV has been based broadcast in UAE and can be viewed free in the whole of middle east and africa region. Great mission for the Pinoy Atin to TV is to solely entertain OFW without proprietary intention.

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How to renew your Philippine passport | How to get a Philippine e-passport

I would like to post this topic which I definitely find important for the OFW. I watched TV Patrol last night on TFC and it has been noted that overseas renewal of Philippines e-passport processing fee has been raised to 40USD in all consular offices around the world. Back in the Philippines you can only renew your passport to 900Php to 1,400Php depending on your length of processing days requested the fastest  processing is 7 days at most.
Click the link below:

How to renew your Philippine passport | How to get a Philippine e-passport

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Manny Paquiao on Forbes' Global Ranking as Top 5 Earning Athlete

manny pacquiao Pictures, Images and Photos
To an ordinary Filipino citizen, Manny "Pacman" Paquiao was an icon and an inspiration. Manny started from very a humble beginning, from rags to riches story in the southern Philippines. Now, General Santos City has been in the world map as the hometown of the world's 5 times pound per pound boxing champion.

Manny Pacquiao Pictures, Images and Photos
According to Forbes record, Manny earned an awesome amount of $42 million making it a top 5 earning athlete worldwide.  With this record Manny breaks the elite figure of the Philippine society. Engagements and high profile parties even celebrity invitations now came in to Manny's appointment list. He was even endorsing a multi brand products on print ad and television with a hefty mount for talent fees. Much more than this, He recently was popularly elected as a Congressman in his hometown General Santos City. He has no educational qualifications but his money, power and popularity has scored high on May 2010 national election in the Philippines. Manny's determination has made him one of the greatest Filipino of all time.

I considered Manny a "Bisdak" overseas athlete who made a fortune for his talent and courage. He is now a public servant carrying the trust and hopes of his kababayans to ease their hardships by bringing a voice in their behalf in Philippine congress.

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30 August 2010

Humility hours for Philippines

Philippines ever since has been swarmed by catastrophic and challenging incidents and the latest was  last August 23,2010. The most traumatic event that once again has tarnished the already vulnerable image that peeled Philippines in the international reputation.

Blogs, twitter and Facebook comments has been mushrooming in the internet with huge negativity. Filipinos were  saddened by the hostage crisis which claimed the innocent lives of Chinese nationals. I am a Filipino and I humbly apologized  for the incident.

Philippines is not different to the other countries facing sensitive crisis. However sensationalism of the issue  devour the country's reputation. India faced the same situation on the Hotel attack that claimed 50 lives including some foreigner and the rest of the country across the world experienced the so called isolated incident.

Philippines should show transparency in all the investigation and punish those who mishandled the crisis negotiation.Hongkong and the rest of the world deserve to know the truth.  Philippines has been the major exporter of manpower worldwide and with the recent event Overseas Filipino workers had been the forefront of such humiliation. Threats to the OFW in their host country might be evident however involved nation has called for sobriety. 

Hongkong tourist comprises 4% in the Philippines tourism yearly. Bilateral agreement on both countries were enormous and the OFW were among the huge number in  HongKong manpower industry. I hope such relations will not be affected in this isolated incident.

Ninoy Aquino as Philippine President humbly apologized to the HongKong citizen and promised a thorough and transparent investigation. Philippines still the best tourist destination in Asia and perhaps to the whole world. Our hospitality and warm culture has never been changed inspite of this event. I am a Filipino and humbly apologized to the family of the innocent victims and condole on the incident that claimed precious lives. Truly this is an eye opener to the Philippines government and to the officials involved in such  sensitive issues.

Philippines and the rest of the citizens submit our humility to the rest of the world especially Hongkong for a failure efforts. My sincere apology to the families of the innocent victims.  

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