13 September 2010


Aquino Administration on Proposed DFA Budget cuts for 2011

Noynoy  has proposed budget cuts for 2011 on DFA's legal assistance and social services funds for OFW worldwide. The present government was tagged as anti-OFW administration and have been on the verge of losing affection to the unsung heroes of today. Philippine embassies and other consular offices worldwide will be forced to appropriate  the budget to P10.9 billion  from P12.69billion. Basically the proposed budget cuts will paralyze the operations of the Philippine embassies around the world. 

According to Migrante International  there are 108 OFW on death row and 7,000 in jails abroad and there are atleast 10,000 OFWs seeking for repartiation. Now, if the legal assistance will be cut off who will then support our fellow OFW. Private organizations were there to ease up this problems but with limited financial support theres nothing much they can do.

 PEBA-OFW Alliance Action Group and other OFW Organization were asking the President to reconsider their stand not to cut OFW Assistance and Legal Funds. The group were asking support for the underprivileged sector. OFWs' dreams were to have a good family with financial capability to stand with dignity by sending their children to school, have enough food on the table and can live a happy life. The government should not take this basic right away to the OFWs' and the families.  Sacrificing to much of being away from home is no joke and if ever in distress then the government as a father should stand in behalf to help. OFW were losing voice from the government and cutting off legal assistance and social fund is definitely unjust to the Overseas Filipino Workers.

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