04 September 2010


Healing Relationships between Hong Kong and Philippines

A group of young Hong Kong nationals expressed their love and care for the Filipinos. This is what I have read as I opened my Facebook account a while ago. Theres no  such great happiness  felt as I have read the "Manny Villar  Katropa Facebook account". I was overwhelmed by the efforts of the young Hong Kong nationals to express sobriety and solidarity as to what had happened last August 23,2010 in the Philippines famous landmark the Querino Grandstand. The traumatic incident that took precious lives of the innocent Hong Kong Tourists.

As I have previously posted an article about the hostage taking accident, I called it an isolated case that could happen to some parts of a country anywhere in the world. Philippines were keen in their efforts to express transparency. A very humble assurance to a neighbor country Hong Kong that a thorough investigation should be done. Philippines has welcomed Hong Kong forensics as a member of the fact finding committee to inquest to the whole investigation provided that the Philippines  internal body will first create a probe team to investigate as to what had actually brought the crisis management a failure one.

This morning, I watched the ANC News live coverage of the Probe Team headed by the Department of Justice secretary De Lima. I was a bit satisfied with their efforts to exercise all legal matters with the promised transparency. It might be a complicated issue but I am sure things will go on its course as I have a high trust to the leader of the team. Hong Kong and the rest of the world was watching to the outcome of the investigation.

Philippines were on the tract to prove Hong Kong nationals the sincerity to rebuild once untarnished relationships. I do hope  that Hong Kong will be satisfied with the Probe Team proceedings.   Philippines and Hong Kong were not just neighbors but has been in a long glorious relationships in manpower, trading and financial aspects.

As an Overseas Worker, I am delighted with the efforts of the young Hong Kong nationals in their sobriety and expression of love to the Filipinos. There were over a 100 thousand Overseas Filipino Workers in the whole of Hong Kong mostly were housemaids. With this gratitude OFW's in Hong Kong will live and work without uncertainty.

Shall we have a hug!, definitely a big warm embrace for all Hong Kong nationals. I would say, Thank you Hong Kong nationals for the Big Love!

I would like to sincerely thank Jessie Lau and the young group for a great expression of love and open mindedness. Truly this group of young people are amazing.

Please click this link and watch the video.

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