16 September 2010


Newborn Baby Found in Gulf Air Trash at Manila Airport

I was so shocked upon reading the news that a newborn baby has been abandoned by his mother aboard the Gulf Air Flight GF-154 from Bahrain. The saddest past is that the mother was traced an Overseas Filipino Worker and authorities were trying to check the mothers whereabouts. She had the worst nightmare but I guess she had lost her prudence of what she did. Authorities were baffled as to how she managed to conceal her situation and returned back to her seat.

The newborn baby was found from the plane's garbage bin still with placenta intact. The airport medical professionals immediately gave care and has been pronounced on good health after. The DSWD took custody of the infant and have been given the mother 4 days to claim the baby (that is if she would still has the energy to come in public and admit of what she did).

Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites has been filled with sentiments about the outrageous incident. Some celebrity even express concern on adaption.

just this year, last july an Indian woman was found giving birth in the plane's toilet and was trying to flush the newborn in the bowl.

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