14 September 2010


Outstanding Recognition among Filipino Nurses Worldwide.

Filipino Nurses Facebook account has shown various videos on the magnificent performance of the Filipino Nurses worldwide. Truly  Filipino Nurses excelled in their professionalism in TLC and Holistic approach in  the health care industry. The great recognition of the Filipino Nurses worldwide proves that it is not of race and of the origin  but of exceptional performance on their demanding field. Pinoy nurses and care worker brought great honor to the Philippines by bringing commendable performance.

Racial discrimination was even until now evident anywhere but with the professionalism of the Pinoy OFWs we are still the most sought manpower among the best countries in the world. Why US, Canada , UK, Middle East and the rest of the world prefer Pinoy Nurses and Care workers, It is definitely of their being conversant. Pinoy Nurses and  all OFWs has a good communication skills. I am so amazed watching the video that Pinoy nurses spoke with British accent flawlessly. Oh wow! theres no other place in my heart to say how happy I am. I feel like I am with them  well I could say that I am one of them. he  he he he.....Way far from them but I am  absolutely proud of them.

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