17 October 2010

17.3 Billion US Dollars in 2009 from OFW remittances

According to the Al Jazeera news, Philippines has organized a good process in overseas workers. A total of 8 million overseas workers mostly in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait) have contributed to the unprecedented remittances in 2009 which totalled 17.3 Billion US Dollars. This remittance has always been keeping the Philippine economy afloat especially during the high inflation rate the country has experienced.

Still a number of overseas workers were abused even suffered fatality, as of the middle of the year there were already reported 4 death cases and were undergoing investigation if found foul play has caused the incident.

There were about thousands of employment agencies in the Philippines that deployed an average of 3,000 hopeful overseas workers a day. With this regard, hundreds of employment agencies were also closed by the Philippine government for gross violation such as contract substitution, over charging of fees, and illegal recruitment.

An overseas Filipino worker has to undergo a pre- departure orientation seminar a day before the flight. This is compulsory for one in order for an individual to be familiar with the country's laws and customs his getting in.

The Philippine government has been doing its best to curb abuse cases of OFW elsewhere in the world. A nationalized Helpline has been put up to respond to the distressed OFW. The agency has already spent 2 million US Dollars for repatriation since it has been established.

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