29 January 2011

Little Italy Rises Southern Part of Manila Philippines

Just to inspire  all OFWs' so I decided to post this. The Philippine Daily Inquirer features a small town in southern part of Manila as the rising little Italy on the hillside. 

 Mabini Batangas approximately 65 kilometers(45miles) south of Manila, a remote district and an isolated place covered with coconuts and vegetable farming as the residents source of livelihood has been transformed into an amazing little Italy.

About 6,300 people of about 47,000 population transformed the district when they migrated to Italy and started sending money back home. Most of them worked as nurses, sailors, housemaids and construction workers. 

The money sent home by the workers in Italy completely changed Mabini town. Houses with Italian accents was no longer a typical Filipino residence. Homes designed with Italian large terraces, beautiful marble stone exteriors and roman- like columns.

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28 January 2011

OFW on Financial Literacy

I am not a financial adviser; I am just an ordinary overseas worker like you who has a dream, a dream of having financial freedom. I was enthused to share you the importance of financial literacy because I know we all have the same dreams.

Saving for the future is our main goal here and in order for us to gain financial freedom a very strong discipline about money handling should be observed. Not just OFWs' need financial literacy but our families as well who were recipients in our remittances. They should know financial management too.

Different government agencies and private institutions offered Financial Literacy. If you could remember during the pre-departure orientation seminar under OWWA, bank representatives gave details on your remittances and saving scheme perhaps you forgot all those things or has no concentration due to excitement in leaving the country.

Financial sustainability takes responsibility and financial literacy. In order for you to see the fruits on your hard earned money you should know the discipline of saving and investment. Overseas workers sometimes overwhelmed by their monthly pay check. Instead of planning to save they plan on buying stuff and gadgets like iphone, android or smartphone etc. etc... Others send money more than what is needed for the family. As a result their social status changed needs and wants changed as well.

Saving is a sacrifice where most of us overseas workers lack this attitude. But it's not too late as we are still in the doorstep of 2011 it is a good time to start saving and see where our hard earned money goes.

These are my suggestions.

1. Read self help books - I recommend Francisco Colayco's book "Pera mo palaguin mo"(Philippine bestseller financial book) I actually bought one 3 years ago and shared it to my colleagues.  You will be inspired upon reading self help books.

2. Attend meetings/seminars about financial management- BPI and BDO were just two banks offered financial literacy program. NGO's also offered financial counselling.

3. Hire Financial Adviser- their expertise helps you whether to venture into business or in some investment that your money could earn. Banks also offered Mutual funds, Stocks, and High yield time deposits just ask your bank representative about this.

4. Manage you remittances- send only how much is needed by your recipient. If you send more than their needs they will demand more. Sometimes our families back home never mind on how much they spend thinking that we still have more to send. Telling them the truth of how hard it is working abroad will give you sympathy and they will value your money.

5. Live a very simple life - living in a luxurious life demands more spending. You can maintain your social status by not draining your pocket; spend to your own capacity. Overspending makes your life terrible you will end up on credit cards and loans with high interest rates.

6. Make an emergency fund- expect the unexpected. That is why we have to save for the rainy season and be ready for it. According to the financial adviser we have to maintain an emergency fund for at least 6 months. This emergency fund covers your supposed monthly expenses including your monthly amortization, bills on water and electricity, foods and other house expenses. You can use this only if you were out of job. That is why 6 months the minimum for you to still have time to look for job with no worries. Some suggested that an emergency fund should be atleast 20% taken from your monthly salary.

7. Apply for an Insurance plan- assuming your company provide medical insurance but that is still not enough. Medical insurance has limitations. Insurance plan is a long term program that will keep you secured, Social Security System (SSS) and the Pag-Ibig Fund in another interesting investment program. I recommend OFWs' should maintain their status in these programs.

  OFWs' future is not always certain and our financial security depends in our hands though the Philippines government has implemented with all the governing agencies to empower OFWs' about financial freedom.  But it is our sole responsibility to reach our dreams and that is to have a good future.

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27 January 2011

Best Jobs and Careers in 2011

Job market this year highlights the most in demand jobs, because of this some say that recession was finally over.  Anyone can look out for the best careers that offer decent salary and opportunities that could improve quality life.

Occupations this year span a variety of industries based on job growth projections, salary data, and other factors like job satisfaction. So anyone can look for a job that best suits their interests.

According to the survey conducted by Manpower Inc. a world leader in workforce solutions and work service industry. The best countries with the net hiring outlook for the first quarter of 2011 were: India with 42%, China with 40%, Taiwan with 37%, Turkey 27%, and Singapore with 26%. The other countries rounding out were Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, and Argentina. Most of the openings were low paying job according to Manpower Inc., but there are also plenty of opportunities for highly qualified professionals.

Healthcare jobs still the leading contender this year with estimated 12% to 22% expected job growth. Plus two new positions added such as massage therapist and athletic trainer though this position doesn’t compete much in number as nursing and dental hygiene.

Technology positions also the top choice careers. Computer support specialist predicted to join the ranks of unprecedented trend of opportunities and creative and service jobs, heating, welding, air-conditioning and refrigeration technician ranked on high employment. Interpreter and Translator jobs were increasingly in demand because of globalization.

In Philippines, Philippine Overseas Employment Agency announced the best jobs for 2011. If you are a nurse, caregiver, engineer, accountant, furniture maker, sales agent, waiter, waitress, nanny, nursing aid, medical technician, x-ray technician, home care, auto technician, electrician, building electrician, construction worker.

Source of information
Yahoo Finance

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Should Philippines Lift Travel Ban to Iraq?

Do  you think it is the right time for the Philippines to lift the ban? July 2004 was the year Philippines started to ban Filipinos to work in Iraq however, there were about 4,000 workers who were allowed to finish their contracts. 

Iraq's ambassador has called the Philippines to lift the ban, he said that since the Philippine government imposed the ban in 2004 Iraq's peace and order has improved. He further said that Iraq needs 3 million houses, thousands of schools and 100 hospitals. 

Now that Iraq is in the verge of reconstruction and rehabilitation of their economy they need more workforce they could hire. Overseas Filipino workers were the main target and  will be offered with a very tempting package. But the Philippine government has to review all important matters and that safety and security issues should never be compromised. If overseas Filipino workers will be allowed to work again in Iraq this is another revenue for the Philippines. I think important issues on top of the dollars should be considered before lifting the ban.

Iraq is the world's fourth largest oil reserve having 115 billion barrels of black gold. The country's energy sector was heavily based on oil approximately 94% of its energy needs met with petroleum.

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26 January 2011

Your Purpose: Make a Difference in Life

Making a difference can mean different things to many people. Make a difference in life is a very easy statement but many people could not know how to do it.  Many are busy with their chores, attending family needs, overtime on demanding jobs, sometimes you need to slow down and look back on what you have achieved, was it good or bad? Have it made an impact in your life? Was it your real life's purpose?

I have read an article saying that making a difference is simple only if you know your purpose. Try dig deeper into your life and know what your purpose is. People feel miserable because they are not true to themselves; don't know their true purpose in life. Whom and when to submit when it's over, life is tough but still there's a purpose more than you should know.

There are people who merely have monthly income, there were working in factories and some are earning a fraction on your amount but they are happier than ever because they have fulfilling purpose. They knew their purpose!

 Try to focus in your life and know how to make it better. There is no right and wrong way to make a difference considering it's for the good. You might have been making a difference in your life and not think about it.

If you have made a difference and know your purpose, you are living in a healthy world happy and there's life contentment. People come to you will feel a new version of yourself and you can make an impact in their lives. Positive outlook radiates to a great life and you will find greater changes.

Make an  impact in life. Know your purpose, make a difference and see how will it make a new you.

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24 January 2011

Accorhotel groups worldwide

Travelers and vacationer planning for a wonderful trip should check which hotel offers the best deal and tour packages.  Nowadays, online booking was just so easy and a few clicks everything will be taken cared of.

Try online booking for your hotel and other travel needs at accorhotels. 

 Accor has 4,000 hotels worldwide with 13 well-known brands from budget to luxury. Accor is Europe's largest hotel group, and with 411 hotels in Asia-Pacific, including 146 hotels in Australia, 27 hotels in New Zealand and 4 hotels in Fiji, Accor is quickly becoming a leader in this region too

Travel Reservations System


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Entrepreneurship and Reintegration for OFW

How long you've been working away from home? Do you prefer to work as an OFW for the rest of your life? Try to think of this and imagine where you will be in the next few years.

The main reason why OFWs' work so hard and take all the risk in a foreign land is for the hope of improving the lives of their families back home. I know for sure as an OFW we are all committed to reach that dreams and that legacy will always be remembered.

The Western Union Effect: Filipino Global Workers as Agents of ChangeHow will you start changing your life from OFW to a person you've dreamt of? Well, I should say that from the moment you step out the airport to where you were heading that’s the time you start dreaming of what, who or where you will be in the future. You have to imagine that in 2, 3, 4 or 10 years from now you gonna have your own dream house, a business, a beach lot or whatever your wishes are. OFW life is not always certain and working overseas is not always forever though there's always an exception the immigrants.

Today, the Philippine government helps OFW in their quest to a new life and attaining financial freedom. Lectures; business seminars, forums and other financial integration education were being offered.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Philippine Overseas and Employment Agency (POEA) provided entrepreneurship as the best option for returning OFWs'. With this the two government agencies established the implementing arm The National Reintegration Center for OFW. TESDA on the other hand has implemented their integration program. Training and other skills development and enhancement were on scheduled in different areas in the Philippines. If you don’t want entrepreneurship you could enhance your skills and knowledge by having a continuing education especially in the technical side. Through this, you will be as competitive as always and be a good employable candidate.

There are a lot of opportunities around try navigate the internet as a good tool for searching potential business and other stuff.

A pro-active OFW has to always look for his future and not just wait for the monthly salary. As I have written in my previous article Multitasking OFW and a pro-active OFW there's no other way your good fortune will slip away!

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23 January 2011

Multitasking OFW

How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Other Social Networks
OFWs' were tagged as an icon of handwork! Quite amusing isn't it? Well, that is absolutely true. I've met quite a number of fellow OFW here in Muscat Oman and they certainly are hardworking fellows. A good friend of mine is a respected accountant; a brother as I called him handles 3 jobs (a permanent job and 2 others a freelancing job). A dear friend who is like a mother to me here handles 3 jobs (a custodian in a pre-school and two as a housekeeper as part time). A very intelligent professor used to be my "ka probinsya" sometimes handles consulting and recommendation to Omani nationals planning to venture into business.

Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You RichThis is now a new face of an Overseas Filipino Worker a multitasking individual.Well, what is so amusing that this kind of OFW were very "madeskarte" in a sense that they are trying to make the most of their time and at the same time augment their monthly income. Bravo to this and I salute my multitasking oriented friends.

 I have been a blogger for 4 years now, though this is really not my cup of tea but I find this very interesting. Sometimes, things tickled my mind and I need to let it go so I put them all in my site. To tell you, most of the bloggers I encountered online were OFW from all over the world.  We shared the same sentiments and some were online shop owners, affiliate marketers, software programmers, online job site developers and gadget shop owners. Wow! These people had regular jobs but mind you still they have enough time to explore the world of online business truly amazing isn't it? and there's another thing the Facebook. I know OFWs' were hooked to this social media just to mention some even login while at work and doing shout out while doing their respective jobs ha ha ha ha….thats multitasking! just make sure your boss can't catch you!

Well, we are now the new OFW…. A multitasking OFW!

The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web: How to Use and Profit from Affiliate Marketing Programs
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Manny Pacquiao retires in 2011?

Manny Pacquiao Career Boxing DVDsPacman: My Story of Hope, Resilience, and Never-Say-Never DeterminationNo, Manny will not retire until 2013. He's still hoping to give a good fight twice in a year until 2013. The Filipino Superstar will fight with Shane Mosley  this May 7, 2011 at MGM Grand Las Vegas. Mr. Mosley a 40 year old born fighter promised to give a good fight and probably knock Manny out.  Shane was determined to prove his skills and knowledge how to deal Manny's speed believing his styles will make him win. Manny's follower were not mostly interested in this fight. However, they were looking for Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight as they said Mayweather is the only legitimate fighter left. Well see this year if this most sought fight will come to the ring. We never know.

I have read enough comments about Manny and many say that he has already peaked and has nothing to prove to what he has done to the country and to the world. He is a living legend the best fighter in the world. But the decision is all up to Manny. When its time to retire, he will know when to retire. Lets just wait and see.

Good Luck Manny!

PacMan: Behind the Scenes with Manny Pacquiao--the Greatest Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the WorldThe Wild Card: Hard-Fought Lessons from a Life in the RingManny Pacquiao: The Greatest Boxer Of All Time
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22 January 2011

Puerto Princesa Underground River: A Leading contender to the New 7 Wonders of Nature

EZ Map Palawan: Includes Detailed Maps of Puerto Princesa City, Coron Town and Busuanga Island (Philippines)Puerto Prinsesa Underground River (PPUR) is now the leading contender to the global New 7 Wonders of Nature. The pride of Puerto Princesa  is vying against 27 other natural wonders worldwide mostly from Europe and Latin America. The local government of Puerto Princesa was asking Filipinos all over the world to be united and support the bid of Puerto Princesa Underground River to be named the New 7 Nature Wonder of Nature. It is therefore a patriotic duty of every Filipino citizen to support the bid to see the underground river take the top position in the race.

The Puerto Pricesa Underground River is one of the most excellent biodiversity conservation areas in the country. This is the premier eco-tourism destination and a natural world heritage site recorded in UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding value and ecological significance. The magnificent river has been a haven for scientific exploration and conservation because of its biodiversity. The area boasts its lush old growth tropical forest, unique wildlife, pristine white sand beaches and unspoiled natural beauty. The pride of the underground river was spectacular limestone formation and is regarded as the longest navigable underground river in the world which has 8.2 kilometers long. The park is a protected area covering 22,202 hectares and is designated as the core area for Palawan Biosphere Reserve under the Man and Biosphere Program.
Palawan: The Last Frontier
Recently, the pride of Palawan has been immortalized in the Philippine peso bill P500 bank note.

To support the Philippines bid for Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR). The local government is urging every Filipino to join through txt votes. Votes for PPUR will be accepted until the contest ends and official awarding will be on November 11, 2011.

Globes, Smart and Sun Cellular phone companies are taking votes for PPUR through txt messaging. Mobile subscribers can text PPUR, PPUR7 and or PPUR15 to 2861

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21 January 2011

Bangkok Airport Ranked #10 : The World's Best Airport Award

The Rough Guide to Bangkok (Rough Guides)Top 10 Bangkok (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)

Bangkok International Airport also known as Suvarnabhumi Airport was awarded as the top 10 Best Airport in 2010 by Skytrax World Airport Awards . From the ranking of 19 last year Bangkok Airport went up the ladder to rank #10.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok Thailand as commonly known is the main hub of its flag carrier Thai airways one of the best deal airline rates in the industry. The airport previously holds the title as the world's tallest control tower now taken over by Al Mahktoum International Airport Dubai U.A.E.  

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the world's third largest single - building airport terminal and one of the busiest airport in asia.

Seven of the Asia Pacific Airports got the coveted title as the Word's Best Airport.


1st.  - Changi Airport ,Singapore.
          Best of its Leisure amenities and best Airport Asia.

2nd. - Incheon International Airport, Seoul Korea
           Has a Unique luxury golf course, spa, and casino,
           private rooms and indoor garden

3rd. - Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
          One of the world's largest passenger terminal building
          that operates at about 150 destinations worldwide.

4th. - Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport, Germany
          the second busiest airport in Germay

5th. - Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia
          Had a 100 million passenger a year and the aviation hub
          of Southeat Asia

6th- Zurich Airport , Switzerland
        Switzerland's largest flight getaway

7th. - Amsterdam Airport , Schiphol Netherlands
         Has the large roof viewing area called Panoramaterras

8th. - Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing China
         The largest and the busiest airport in China. The third
         largest airport building in the world by area.

9th. - Auckland Airport, New Zealand
         The country's important asset by providing thousands of
          jobs for the region.

10th. - Bangkok International airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport)
           Bangkok Thailand
           The world's third largest single-building airport terminal
           and currently holds the 2nd largest control tower in the
           world behind Dubai's Al Mahktoum International Airport.   
More bout about this

Lonely Planet Bangkok (City Guide)Experience Bangkok: a travel guide (2011)Beautiful Thailand - Travel
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20 January 2011

The Best of the Philippine Islands

"Wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan" I always remember this as the Department of Tourism trying to promote Philippines to all Filipinos anywhere in the world. 

We should never be a stranger to our homeland Philippines. Our country has a lot to offer and theres more waiting to be explored. Philippines boast 7,107 exotic islands and certainly a great haven for adventure name it and its everywhere in the island, from white water rafting, rappelling, trekking, island hopping, and scuba diving these are just few mentioned great amazing adventure that is from the mountains to the seas. Theres no other place that could rival the majestic views and white fine sandy beaches in our islands Philippines.

The Rough Guide to The Philippines (Rough Guide Travel Guides)Lonely Planet Philippines (Country Guide)Guide to the Philippines (Bradt Travel Guide)
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19 January 2011

The Dangers of Belly Fat

I watched the doctorstv a TV show in MBC2 a couple of days ago and one of the topics discussed were about belly fat. Well, as you grow older fats tend to deposit more in your abdomen that would actually resembles like a pear shaped belly in lay mans term  being called as belly fat or abdominal fat. 

The danger of developing this condition is that people tend to have pear shaped abdomen was actually high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Medically speaking belly fats were visceral fats a deeper fats in your tissue which build up around your internal organs that would eventually choke up and impede the proper function of your organs like the intestines, spleen, kidney, liver and the heart. As a result of this, it will increase your chance of suffering high cholesterol, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other condition. 

However, there are ways to get rid of belly fat, the best one is exercise and a healthy high fiber diet.

Read more

The Belly Off! Diet: Attack the Fat That Matters MostThe Belly Fat Cure: Discover the New Carb Swap System and Lose 4 to 9 lbs. Every WeekThe New Abs Diet Cookbook: Hundreds of Delicious Meals That Automatically Strip Away Belly Fat!
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