27 January 2011


Best Jobs and Careers in 2011

Job market this year highlights the most in demand jobs, because of this some say that recession was finally over.  Anyone can look out for the best careers that offer decent salary and opportunities that could improve quality life.

Occupations this year span a variety of industries based on job growth projections, salary data, and other factors like job satisfaction. So anyone can look for a job that best suits their interests.

According to the survey conducted by Manpower Inc. a world leader in workforce solutions and work service industry. The best countries with the net hiring outlook for the first quarter of 2011 were: India with 42%, China with 40%, Taiwan with 37%, Turkey 27%, and Singapore with 26%. The other countries rounding out were Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, and Argentina. Most of the openings were low paying job according to Manpower Inc., but there are also plenty of opportunities for highly qualified professionals.

Healthcare jobs still the leading contender this year with estimated 12% to 22% expected job growth. Plus two new positions added such as massage therapist and athletic trainer though this position doesn’t compete much in number as nursing and dental hygiene.

Technology positions also the top choice careers. Computer support specialist predicted to join the ranks of unprecedented trend of opportunities and creative and service jobs, heating, welding, air-conditioning and refrigeration technician ranked on high employment. Interpreter and Translator jobs were increasingly in demand because of globalization.

In Philippines, Philippine Overseas Employment Agency announced the best jobs for 2011. If you are a nurse, caregiver, engineer, accountant, furniture maker, sales agent, waiter, waitress, nanny, nursing aid, medical technician, x-ray technician, home care, auto technician, electrician, building electrician, construction worker.

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