12 January 2011


Facebook valued @ $50B Company

The number 1 social networking site Facebook has been evaluated at a value of  $50Billion according to Bloomberg network. With a total of 650 million users and 500 million active user of which 47% visited the site daily its no wonder this mighty social networking site was a good haven for business.  

Truly this site has been very instrumental in making people closer to each other no matter how far they will be. I have to consider  my own experience  thru this site I've met my long lost friends, classmates and a pen pal way back from high school. People across the globe were such amazed by the power of this social networking site that it all connects them from anywhere. 

No question about communication this days, family kept in touch and communicates through shout out , chat and even messaging. I admit Facebook has kept relationship between family, friends and even lover stronger.

Well OFWs' around the globe has kept their lives easy by keeping in touch with their family through this social networking site. Homesickness has never been a question this time since talking with love ones and sharing pictures was just a few click away.

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