23 January 2011


Multitasking OFW

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OFWs' were tagged as an icon of handwork! Quite amusing isn't it? Well, that is absolutely true. I've met quite a number of fellow OFW here in Muscat Oman and they certainly are hardworking fellows. A good friend of mine is a respected accountant; a brother as I called him handles 3 jobs (a permanent job and 2 others a freelancing job). A dear friend who is like a mother to me here handles 3 jobs (a custodian in a pre-school and two as a housekeeper as part time). A very intelligent professor used to be my "ka probinsya" sometimes handles consulting and recommendation to Omani nationals planning to venture into business.

Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You RichThis is now a new face of an Overseas Filipino Worker a multitasking individual.Well, what is so amusing that this kind of OFW were very "madeskarte" in a sense that they are trying to make the most of their time and at the same time augment their monthly income. Bravo to this and I salute my multitasking oriented friends.

 I have been a blogger for 4 years now, though this is really not my cup of tea but I find this very interesting. Sometimes, things tickled my mind and I need to let it go so I put them all in my site. To tell you, most of the bloggers I encountered online were OFW from all over the world.  We shared the same sentiments and some were online shop owners, affiliate marketers, software programmers, online job site developers and gadget shop owners. Wow! These people had regular jobs but mind you still they have enough time to explore the world of online business truly amazing isn't it? and there's another thing the Facebook. I know OFWs' were hooked to this social media just to mention some even login while at work and doing shout out while doing their respective jobs ha ha ha ha….thats multitasking! just make sure your boss can't catch you!

Well, we are now the new OFW…. A multitasking OFW!

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