27 January 2011


Should Philippines Lift Travel Ban to Iraq?

Do  you think it is the right time for the Philippines to lift the ban? July 2004 was the year Philippines started to ban Filipinos to work in Iraq however, there were about 4,000 workers who were allowed to finish their contracts. 

Iraq's ambassador has called the Philippines to lift the ban, he said that since the Philippine government imposed the ban in 2004 Iraq's peace and order has improved. He further said that Iraq needs 3 million houses, thousands of schools and 100 hospitals. 

Now that Iraq is in the verge of reconstruction and rehabilitation of their economy they need more workforce they could hire. Overseas Filipino workers were the main target and  will be offered with a very tempting package. But the Philippine government has to review all important matters and that safety and security issues should never be compromised. If overseas Filipino workers will be allowed to work again in Iraq this is another revenue for the Philippines. I think important issues on top of the dollars should be considered before lifting the ban.

Iraq is the world's fourth largest oil reserve having 115 billion barrels of black gold. The country's energy sector was heavily based on oil approximately 94% of its energy needs met with petroleum.

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