18 January 2011


A Typical Life of an Overseas Filipino Worker

This You Tube video has been viewed almost a 100 thousand times with a very sentimental 107 comments. Hats of to all OFWs'. Our life is not that simple as everyone would say. Sacrifices we endure because we want our family to have a good life. We get our strength from them that this hard life is for them. 

Nothing much brighter in OFW's eyes than seeing each family prosperous and happy. 

By the time OFW departs from the airport and heading to the destination, no one can just deny how hard it is leaving a family. It's not one but years and some ever more than 2 years....

I almost cry upon reading some comments on this video.You can truly feel the "hinanakit, pag ka lungkot, pangungulila, at ang hinahanap na yakap sa minamahal". I sympathize those OFW who stayed longer than a year just to work hard, save enough money and send those hard earned money back home.

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