26 January 2011


Your Purpose: Make a Difference in Life

Making a difference can mean different things to many people. Make a difference in life is a very easy statement but many people could not know how to do it.  Many are busy with their chores, attending family needs, overtime on demanding jobs, sometimes you need to slow down and look back on what you have achieved, was it good or bad? Have it made an impact in your life? Was it your real life's purpose?

I have read an article saying that making a difference is simple only if you know your purpose. Try dig deeper into your life and know what your purpose is. People feel miserable because they are not true to themselves; don't know their true purpose in life. Whom and when to submit when it's over, life is tough but still there's a purpose more than you should know.

There are people who merely have monthly income, there were working in factories and some are earning a fraction on your amount but they are happier than ever because they have fulfilling purpose. They knew their purpose!

 Try to focus in your life and know how to make it better. There is no right and wrong way to make a difference considering it's for the good. You might have been making a difference in your life and not think about it.

If you have made a difference and know your purpose, you are living in a healthy world happy and there's life contentment. People come to you will feel a new version of yourself and you can make an impact in their lives. Positive outlook radiates to a great life and you will find greater changes.

Make an  impact in life. Know your purpose, make a difference and see how will it make a new you.

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