26 February 2011


DFA in Libya on OFW massive evacuation but more still waiting for Help

As the political uprising in Libya worsen, all expatriates were under massive evacuation. Different countries brought chartered planes and navy vessels  to move all their citizens out of the crisis. The Philippines  finally responded to the call on massive evacuation, as such 204 pinoys were now out of Libya and more still await for the next flight.

The newly appointed foreign affairs secretary Alberto Del Rosario did all the best he could to save all the lives and welfare of the OFWs'. He said that 97 OFWs' were already flown to Paris, France en-route to Manila, 12 others from Benghazi were already assisted by their employer out of Libya and will soon board British naval fleet vessels en- route to Manila as well. 70 Filipinos were also out of Libya according to the Philippines Ambassador to Turkey. All OFWs' were assisted by their Turkish employer and soon will be brought to Manila.

But there are still 300 more waiting to be flown back to the Philippines.  According to the DFA they are moved to a safer area in Tripoli from Brega, Jalo to  sahara desert. DFA also arranged ferry ships to assist Filipinos from Tripoli to Malta and some ferry to Benghazi en-route to Crete, Greece.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) assisted the DFA to help migrant workers on board a chartered plane from Tripoli to Manila. 

There are about 26,000 Filipinos in Libya based on DFA records,  but according to Red Cross there were  about 32,000  Filipinos working in Libya.

With the Red Cross records, The DFA has to double their efforts and tap all the necessary help they could get. DFA resources were obviously limited but by negotiations on the respective employers of our kabayan they could extend and maximize the opportunity to  move pinoys to a safer place.

Lets hope and pray for the safety and welfare of the OFWs' in Libya. 


The Department of Foreign Affairs announced that it is working to ensure the safety and welfare of OFWs in Libya. For inquiries, families with relatives in Libya can reach the DFA's hotline at 834-4580.

The DFA also said it is working to set up a 24-hour "Libreng Tawag" assistance program.

Similarly, Philippine Red Cross (PRC) chairman Richard Gordon said OFWs who have not been able to contact their relatives in Libya may visit the PRC website or call (632) 143, (632) 5270000 or +(63) 9175728500.

Migrante International, a federation of OFW groups worldwide, meanwhile said it can be reached by distressed OFWs in the Middle East region through its mobile number, [+63 0905 8361412], or via email throughmenacrisiscenter.migrante @gmail.com.

Migrante likewise said point persons affiliated with Migrante may also be reached through the following numbers:

Fr. Allan Arcebuche, San Francesco Catholic Church, Caritas, Tripoli - [+218 925156684]
Fr. Ronnie Asuero, Benghazi - [+218 928132184]

Other point persons suggested by Migrante include:

- CHARLIE DIAMANTE- (Caritas Volunteer) +218925049216
- Dr. Alan - (Sirte) +218914328994
- Fr. Celso Larracas, OFM +218925163710
- Fr. Amado Baranquel, OFM +218925174784

Libya-Tunisia border (Djerba):
Raquel Fajardo - +216 233 06074 and +216 711 91800

Libya-Egypt border (Al Salloum):
- Renato Duenas +2018 851 0011
- Fatima Castillo +2012 633 3900
- Cesar Salonga +2017 548 1495

There are still more Filipinos in Libya stranded and  waiting to be repatriated according to Migrante. If you know anyone, or a family member of those pinoy in Libya you can extend help by sending this OFW Mideast Crisis Help Hotlines.

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