06 February 2011


Personal Finance Planner for a wise OFW

Organizing your documents is the best tool for tracking down your expenses, savings, budget and bank account balances. Personal finance planner will keep you track all the details and will keep you informed always on how far your finances goes.  At times like this where everything is uncertain it is wise to be prepared and be guided on especially about financial matter.

I have checked this free downloadable template and spreadsheets for your personal finance planning and budgeting. This will guide you to keep track your monthly spending and all other expenditures and as well as savings. You can even perhaps print and use this manually or better yet update regularly in your computer.

Though there are a lot of ways on budgeting but it is up on personal discipline and money management. Most financial adviser says that creating a personal budget is your first step to financial freedom so below are samples that could be useful in tracking your personal finances. It is easy and simple to use  just click the link below.

Free Personal Budget Spreadsheet

GoogleDocs also offered online spreadsheets to manage your finances for free. It is securely stored online so no worries, you can even use this in any computer. This is a simple personal finance budget spreadsheet that helps you keep track of monthly bills, loans and other financial or material matters.

Microsoft free version is user friendly. Try this template for the whole family monthly budget.


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