08 February 2011


Remembering Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

I remember Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as my first host country and working there was never been easy. Working for 3 years has challenged my patience and I would say that it made my self of what I am today.

 You have to follow all rules set by the government otherwise you will end up in prison. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the highest number of OFW prisoner. This is still one of the biggest challenges Philippine Embassy were facing until today. Saudi Arabia is not receptive to cultural changes or intercultural adjustment.

Saudi Arabia is a home to hundreds of thousands of OFWs mostly professionals like nurses, engineers, teachers, IT specialist, blue collar job and highly skilled personnel. There were also OFWs' turned entrepreneurs with Saudis as their sponsor. Many of whom lived there for more than 20 years and some of the women married Saudis and were successful in their lives.

Though there's no disco bar in Saudi Arabia but there is Batha in Riyadh area the shopping hub of the OFWs. Filipino restaurants situated anywhere in the area. I could still remember the Quiapo and the Manila Plaza that during Fridays OFWs from different areas in Riyadh meet up. I could also still remember the delicious palabok special, pancit canton, bulalo, sisig, pa-paitan, chopsuey up in the 4th floor of Manila Plaza food court.

 Here's an article under Philippine Daily Inquirer global nation that tells more about the lives of OFWs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, OFWs' survival, adaptation and evolution.

Where you stay is half the adventure - RealAdventures

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