22 February 2011


Saving & Smart Shopping

One of my colleagues posted on her Facebook shoutout "opt for therapy shopping". Well, she was right, shopping indeed is a therapy since it increases your sense of wellbeing and in some way releases endorphins (just like doing daily exercise) to make you feel happy.
$200 Gift Certificate
But with the present financial crisis, with no salary increase, too much financial obligations and expanding family expenses, you think that it's quite difficult to enjoy shopping or not wise at all. Well, you are correct and wrong at the same time. The best thing there is smart shopping and do some strategy that fits in your style of shopping.

Here are some strategy to do smart shopping and saving at the same time.

* Make a list of all the necessary items you need:

Try to prioritize your list accordingly. Thru this, it would be very easy to pick up the most important items and if you're over budget just crash out the least important stuff.

* Shop around:

Check which mall and shop offers the best price. Look around first, try to compare the prices of the items, malls do have different prices per items.

*Take advantage of the mall discounts, promo and holiday deals. A 10% discount in your purchase is already a big additional savings in your budget.

*If you have credit cards, take advantage on their reward system:

Credit Cards Company nowadays offer perks, bonuses, and reward deals to all their active clients. You can save much from these but let me remind you first, you have to pay the bills in full by due date to avoid interest and incurred penalty of under payment. Paying the minimum amount at your due date has a corresponding interest charges based on the credit card company policies.

*Check on Bazaars, Expos, and stall shops:

Version 2 of 120 x 600 PixelsBazaars and other stall shops offer great deals on each item.  Sometimes more than 20% discount being offered. And you know what?  The best is you can haggle.  However, haggling should be exercised with courtesy. Be polite with the sales staff. If they won't agree you are free to walk out or better yet talk to the manager or to the stall owner. Be polite and firm in haggling.

* Don’t always shop for luxury, branded or signature items:

Though purchasing branded items make you feel good but this will sometimes drain your wallet. luxury and branded items are always very expensive (sometimes you will encounter discounts  anyway) instead look for the quality, durable and authentic items that is comparable to the banded ones with of course lesser price.  

Beware of the fake ones you might suffer from the intellectual property and anti piracy law. 

* Shop online:

Internet shopping is cheaper and even sometimes free shipping fees.  Try to check online shop and browse the best deals on offer. 

Items such as clothes, software, shoes, watches and even electronics can be found in many sites such as Amazon, olx, sulit.com, and other online store. 

What I like with internet shopping is that it saves more of your time and is very convenient. Online shopping is hassle free and all transaction is taken cared with the online shop even deliveries. All you have to do is use your debit card, PayPal, credit card or merchant card.  Note that Amazon .com doesn’t usually charge sales tax and that is like 10% discount in itself. 

Also try to check bargain online sales. You could definitely save money and most of all your precious time.

So, that’s all! I guess with these simple strategies you could save some money and the best is expanding your budget. 

Enjoy smart shopping everyone!

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