27 March 2011

92.9 % Filipinos unique online visitors to Facebook

Filipinos are now social media addict, nearly 93% Filipinos are unique online visitors on  social media site during February 2011. The US based firm comScore just crowned Filipinos as the world's heaviest Facebook user in terms of online penetration among countries worldwide.

According to the comScore firm vice- president for Southeast Asia, Filipinos spent an average of seven hours per month on Facebook site. That showed Philippines having the highest online penetration on social networking usage.

This just showed that Filipinos are now leaning the World Wide Web in connecting the world through social media sites like Facebook.

Well, considering that we have over 90 million overseas Filipino workers worldwide. This social media tool connects families even miles apart. Based on my observation, since the creation of Facebook, OFWs' life has changed. Homesickness was no longer a problem. Keeping in touch with love ones, friends and lovers it’s just a few finger clicks apart on your personal computers. What is the awesome part is that you can share pictures, messages and chat in group.

Facebook has been a wiser alternative among any line of communications like mobile phones.

Thanks to Facebook! OFWs' lives have been brighter and funnier than ever. 

Information taken from www.gmanews.tv

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23 March 2011

Fil-Am Yen Baet writer- photographer takes Nat Geo Grand Prize

I really love posting inspiring Pinoy overseas personalities. It feels like I am the one receiving that humongous recognition for the world to see and prove that once again "Bigatin ang  Pinoy".

  As an overseas Pinoy, let me join all the Filipinos around the world celebrating the momentous achievement of another Filipino American writer- photographer Yen Baet.

Yen won the grand prize of the National Geographic Exceptional Experience photo contest. Her official entry called "Rainy Night in Hallstatt".

Yen Baet was born and raised in the Philippines and immigrated to the US. Lived in Japan and Germany and now based in England.

You can visit her blog to view the grand prize picture.

Congratulations Yen Baet! You are a true inspiration to all Filipinos. Another reason to make all Pinoy proud!

Information taken from
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21 March 2011

World's biggest underwater habitat and resort completed by 2013 in Palawan, Philippines

Lonely Planet Philippines: PalawanThe multi billion peso project will be the  first Asia's underwater resort and the world's biggest undersea living structure  once completed by 2013.

 Quoted as the Coral World Park, The project once completed will showcase the Filipino ingenuity. The project will be manned by 80% Filipino workforce from engineers, architects down to the personnel. This project uses the Filipino patented invention on water recycling and pressure chamber by an all-Filipino team of engineers.

The project is said to have 50 bedroom onland hotel complete with amenities and underwater restaurant named "starfish" which could accommodate 200 people in a 600 square meter dinning area. A seahorse shape science center will be built for the tourist and will serve as park marine observatory and conservation center

Part of the structure is the 24  undersea suites or pods called   "Anemones" which will be completely submerged 60ft below sea level with a fascinating 270-degree view of the sea. The anemones will be built by US firms specializes in submarines. Several units once completed are for public viewing at reasonable price and majority are for ownership. A 50-square meter anemone can be customized by the owners preference. The unit is equivalent to a 2 bedroom condominium unit 

The $150 million project will create thousands of Tourism jobs in Palawan and neighboring towns and provinces. The head of the project Paul Moñzca identified the island of Coron as the site of development for its strategic location.

The group targeted the conservation tourism promised to strictly adhere to the protection of the biodiversity and the rich marine life of the Palawan  even from the start to finish.

Information taken from GMANews. TV

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20 March 2011

Donate for Japan Quake and Tsunami survivors.

Donate for Japan Dark T-Shirt

CafePress.com joins the relief efforts for the Japan and Pacific Tsunami Victims. Help make a difference by buying one of the Limited-Edition Japan Relief Effort T-shirt for only $15. With your purchase, you will be contributing to the American Red Cross. All Proceeds from the sale of the Japan-Relief T-shirts will benefit the American Red Cross to help the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami victims.

Japan after 9 days of experiencing catastrophic event, more than half a million left homeless and still in the evacuation center with unfavorable condition. Food, water and other personal necessities needed as the survivors clinging for their new life. 

The world's third largest economy needs global help as they are still fighting after the nature's wrath. You could be a part of that cause by helping the American Red Cross or the Japan Red Cross.

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15 March 2011

United Arab Emirates among the Top 10 best country to live and work

United Arab Emirates among  the top 10 best country to live and work and the  5th global choice by country for engineers.

 According to the survey, Dubai, U.A.E. has met the criteria of highly skilled professionals in terms of safety, stability and cultural fit. U.A.E., was placed ahead of Switzerland, Singapore,  Spain, Germany and China in working sector of human resources, finance, legal, and technology.

As English served as the major language being used in all areas of business, United Arab Emirates emerged as a haven to expatriates, for having a vibrant expat communities and a high standard of living. 

Quoted as the fastest growing city in the word. Dubai, U.A.E. is also home to the highest building in the world, Burj Khalia, the only 7 star hotel, Buj Al Arab and the world's biggest Marina.

The survey commissioned by international specialist recruitment group hydrogen, surveyed 3,155 professionals in over 70 major countries

picture taken from www.localyte.com
information from www.emirates247.com

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11 March 2011

Alter Space!, The First Philippine - made Facebook game

Another pride of the Philippines. Alter space is the first ever Filipino -made Facebook game. The game was developed by AboitizPower company, as the first Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook!

 Alter Space offers a virtual new world, a new life and will teach you to create a mindful choices for the greater impact of the planet. 

The mission in the game is to make carbon emission low so that you can live safe from disaster in a brand new world. To complete the game, you need to build a network of friends and group so that you can have grid  a sustainable and renewable  power.

 According to MusicInfoPH from the entrepreneur.com.ph forum, a staggering 56million Facebook users play the game daily and 290 million play the game monthly.

AboitizPower company created the Facebook game to bring awareness about the environmental  impact of carbon emission and a step toward greener earth. 

Currently, there are a total of 18,124, 220 Filipino Facebook user.

You can play the game by visiting the website :

Information and some picture taken from MusciInfoPH  forum post under www.entrepreneur.com.ph
Alter Space game  Info page owned by AboitizPower company.

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Qatar is the world's richest country by GDP per capita

Qatar is now the world's richest country based on GDP (gross domestic product) per capita according to the City 7 news based in U.A.E. Qatar has surpassed European countries such as Luxembourg and Noway by the value of goods produced (GDP).

Qatar a former British protectorate now an absolute monarchy is relying solely on 80% of oil and gas exports, with the worlds 3rd largest oil/gas reserves. Qatar is a home to the most controversial Arab network Aljazeera, the worlds 1st hub for the international security game and announced to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

How many overseas Filipino workers in the State of Qatar?

According to Wikipedia.org, there are about 150,000 to 200,000 Filipinos in Qatar, mostly working as construction worker, domestic helper and in the travel industry.  Filipinos  are said to be the second- largest group of foreign workers  in Qatar after Indians.

Qatar is the third largest destination of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the middle east after United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. And the fourth -largest destination of OFWs' worldwide.

source of information:
Wikipedia "The free encyclopedia"

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10 March 2011

Philippine Airlines Inflight Safety Video

Funny, eye catching, informative and most of all very unique, this are just the few words that would best  describe upon watching the latest Philippine Airlines inflight safety video. As a frequent traveler, I have observed that most of the inflight safety video presentation were so boring, some were even lousy.

But Philippine Airlines  Boeing 777-300ER Fleet  transformed that safety video demo standard into a bit funny but effective approach in telling passengers that safety is their main concern. 

The video presentation is so eye catching that passengers shouldn't miss the entire minute of it. Truly the whole presentation communicates all passenger in a very easy and understandable manner. Funny and interesting in a sense  that  you just couldn't blink your eyes while watching what gonna happen next .

The sad thing is the  video was presented in English language with a Japanese subtitles. I guess the video was taken by flight on way to Japan or either way. 

Philippine Airlines as a flag carrier of the Republic of the Philippines should however come up with a Tagalog version with English subtitles with that I could therefore say Mabuhay!

video taken from You Tube

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09 March 2011

Are you a Smart Traveler?

I was inspired by a blogger who wrote an article about few tips for traveler. Tim Patterson says "The joy of new experience is a wonderful thing about travel - and new experiences are free".

  If you think that travelling is difficult and expensive, then it should never be that way. Travelling requires a blend of advance planning and willingness to seize opportunities. It's all about unleashing your desire for freedom. 

 I feel sorry for those people who are career oriented that most of the times stayed in the four corners of their office, hooked up with the stresses of their demanding job. And sometimes their mind wanted to gave up and that need a break but dare you just can't. Or often times you are worried about the expenses of travelling that might eat up your budget and just stay at home instead. 

 Well, travelling as I have said need a wise massive planning three months to a year the most, by then you can set aside enough budget for whatever possible expenses. The beauty of the internet is a great advantage. There are a lot of options to search everywhere. Option differs, so you need the most choices that suit your budget most importantly. 

 As I have surfed the net, I find great deals that as long as you book in advance you can get big discounts! During spring or summer break expect vacation hotels, airline tickets and travel agencies that offer a great deal of packages for the whole family or for a group. Well then, big value awaits in this opportunity and there's big savings on your travelling expenses.  

As there are thousands of best travel sites around, all you have to do is search and compare. Be aware of the hidden charges you might surprise when they billed you above on your budget. As a smart traveler discounts and deals are wise option. 

 You don't need to spend more from your pocket to see the wonders of the world. Be a smart traveler, you choices are just there waiting to discover. 

 If you were convinced by this, then search all the best possible travel sites and compare all the prices being offered, deals, promos, and discounts. From hotel rates, Airline tickets, and other major vacation packages.

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06 March 2011

The world celebrates Women's International Month

Women of all colors worldwide celebrate the International women's month(March 8). And as my humble tribute to all women and wonderful Filipina in the Philippines and to those working overseas, I am writing this post.

The theme is gender equality and women empowerment. The Philippines "Magna Carta" for women and the convention for the elimination against all forms of violence against women noted that there is an increase in women awareness rights and a number of women are becoming leaders or gaining prominence in the place where they live. Now, we could see powerful women holding top government positions and even in the corporate world. 

If I could remember, Sushmita Sen, a beautiful Miss Universe delegate from India( she won the crown in the Philippines) asked by one of the judges "what is the essence of a woman?". Well, I just couldn't totally recall the whole phrase of her answer but the point might go this way, The essence  of a woman is not just about feminity but a mother to a child.....that answer probably made her the rightful owner of the Miss Universe crown,but in these present time? probably not anymore.

This is my point of view, women of today  is pretty much diverse, a woman with multiple options, who has the right to choose and not just being a mother to a child or perhaps a wife to a husband. A woman of today has the power to love and protect herself. She is unique and a true gem for the human race. A woman of today has the power of voice for the world hear.

As the world celebrates the International Women's Month. let me extend my gratitude to our dear Filipina and women all over the world who are fighting for freedom and justice to rights and equality.

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OFW remittances data from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

According to BSP Deputy Gov. Diwa Gunigundo, the widespread political uprising in the Middle East region might have a negative impact on OFW remittances. She said that BSP is monitoring on the situation on the OFW remittances considering the bulk of remittances came from Middle East.

  Last year the total OFW remittances reached to $18.76billion and 16 percent of the total OFW remittances were from the contributions of Filipino workers in the Middle East area. 

 Here is the breakdown of Middle East OFW remittances:

 1. Saudi Arabia - $1.644billion 
2. United Arab Emirates - $776.3million 
3. Qatar - $248.8million 
4. Bahrain - $167.28million 
5. Kuwait - $106.5million 
6. Israel - $67.3million 
7. Oman - $66.76million 

 Other countries: 
 European Countries - $3.18billion 
 American countries - $9.98billion 
Asian countries - $2.36billion

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05 March 2011

Are Filipinos hardworking or indolent?

This issue, I think is germane to the situation today considering that the Philippine population has reached to 92 million according to the CIA World Factbook ,which makes the country as the 12th most populated country in the world. At present Philippines population is among the younger Asian population. Approximately 69.9 percent of the population belong to the productive age 15 - 64 years(male 30,384,504/female 30,410,691).

Actually, this is an old survey I've read under The Philippine star text views "Inbox Reader's Views and Opinions", the issue was, in general, are Filipinos hardworking or indolent?

 Respondents mostly reside in some parts of the country and a number of overseas workers who freely expressed their right of expression. 

 Here are some excerpts on the views and opinions of the respondents: 

 1. Based on the numbers, it's 50-25-25. 

50 percent hardworking, 25 percent lacking in opportunity, and 25 percent lazy 

 2. The mindset of "Bahala na system, pwede na, and saka na mentality" 

aiming for the best is not the goal, it's just about whatever will be, will be. 

 3. Hounded by the lack of opportunity. 

Generally, Filipinos are hardworking but due to the lack of opportunity to earn a descent pay, indolence thrives. 

 4. Working environment doesn't reward hard work. 

 Indolence rewarded and punishes hard work, that's the point why more hardworking Filipinos leave for countries where they could have their rightful rewards. 

 5. Filipinos are generally hardworking and "Madiskarte".

 Typical Filipino can make small things out of nothing and can survive in any harsh environment. 

 6. "Basta may opportunity, super sipag ang pinoy"

 Hardworking Filipinos were the most sought employee as attested by foreign employers. 

 7. Renowned work ethic.

 Filipinos worldwide were known for possessing a showcase of talents like being consistent, efficient, skillful and competitive.

 The subject here is a matter of wake up call to the productive populace to act upon the common goal for a better Philippines. As a Filipino citizen it is an individual right to do what is best for ourselves and to our country. 

Try to take a look at our Asian neighbors, most them rose up to the economic ladder because of their patriotism. I am optimistic that we could be as competitive as them. 

We have the outstanding knowledge and skills, a tool to become the next super country in Asia, if we should only redefine our attitude and set aside leniency, pessimism, and stand all as one.

 This is not a dream but a hope that we could once again claim that reputation as the best country in Asia.

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04 March 2011

Credit Card and Overseas Filipino worker

I have read more topics about credit cards. I'am quite curious about how would an ordinary overseas Filipino worker like myself use that powerful piece of plastic called credit card. 

Back in the 1950's where credit card was first used in the United States. I guess that was  Diners Card as the first issued credit card according to the blog of Francisco Colayco ( A Filipino Financial Adviser). 

Nowadays, All banks and financial institution worldwide issued credit cards in different manner in terms of policy, plan, and client income bracket, banks also issued different type of credit cards according to the choice of the applicant the most common now are mastercard, visa card and american express. It is so easy to get one, perhaps your bank might just give you a pre-approved credit card if you have an outstanding account balance.

When your employer or company deposited your monthly salary to your bank account, the bank itself review your financial capability and approve your application for a credit card right there and then. Here in Muscat, Oman its is not that simple for there are certain qualifying points that has to consider and the most important thing is your basic monthly salary. It is not about how much you have in your bank but it's basically your monthly salary. I heard that  in Dubai UAE, it is as simple as a snap of a finger to get approval, though I really have no idea on this.But a friend of mine confirmed that banks in Dubai even send you application forms for salary loans.

In the Philippines, OFW cannot be approved for credit card application otherwise you should have a hold on time deposit as per bank agreement. If however approved you are not allowed to withdraw your time deposit until the bank can clear all your credit card obligations. This is based on my knowledge when I applied Phil. National Bank for my first credit card. I was confident at that time because PNB has been my long time financial bank and I even have my checking account, but according to the representative still it's not a guarantee to get approve for a credit card. A hold on peso or dollar time deposit is the necessary one.

Let me go back to the title on this post,  credit card and overseas Filipino worker. the way I observed now that OFWs' were on too much spending by shopping with the use of credit cards. I could see that the power of this plastic card has ruled the ways of OFWs'. The story behind this is that because money in its form is intangible just this plastic card in you hands easy to swipe forward and you're done with your shopping.

Banks mushrooming their credit card issuance to prospective clients. And as a client  you will certainly grab that opportunity because of the ads and info about reward system, rebates and promos. Just make sure upon signing up application you must have understand fully the company policy, payment terms and interest incurred therein. Paying the whole amount used in your credit card during due date is ideal one. You will enjoy the benefits of that rewards and rebates and at the same time no interest incurred. However, paying only the minimum amount as advised during your due date there is certain interest ads on to your monthly payment. and that's the time you will start to slip off on the power of that piece  of a plastic called credit card. 

Credit card in some way is good, if you will only intend to use it for emergency purposes  then that's definitely perfect. The main thing is be careful with the charm of that mighty piece of plastic or it might ruined you financial freedom. Just always remember your responsibility leads all the way.

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03 March 2011

Google Ranked #1 by Alexa Web Traffic

Alexa a web information company  ranked Google number 1 in web traffic search engine.

Alexa as a website information get traffic data and reviews per pageviews per day. The traffic will show how popular the website by ranks, pageviews, reviews, reach and more.  

The Top 5 sites on the web.

The site has been online for the last 13years.About 32% of the visitors came from the US. Google enable users to search the Web, roughly about 26% of visits to Google  consist of only one pageview. 

The 2nd most popular site in the word according to Alexa traffic rankings. Facebook is a social utility that connects people, keep up with friends, upload,share, link  pictures and videos. 

 The site belong to a video sharing category, ranked no. 3 according to Alexa traffic rankings. With roughly 22% visitors to the site came from the  US

Yahoo is an internet portal and a service provider offering search results. 4th in world traffic ranking, roughly  30% visits to the site consist only on one pageview.

A search engine from Microsoft. The site has been online for more than sixteen years. About 5% of the visits to the site are referred by a search engine.  

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02 March 2011

Send Load to the Philippines from anywhere in the world

send load to philippines
For Filipinos and OFWs' anywhere in the world you can now send load to the Philippines. 

This e-loading platform offers to send load or mobile credits to the Philippines 24/7 service. 

 Globe, Smart, or Sun Cellular with call and txt, roaming or either autoload service now it's just a few clicks to reload your mobile with various denomination. 

 This e-loading platform offer and accept secure online payment program through internationally recognized PayPal and major credit cards. Once your payment is complete, verified and accepted. A load is processed.

How does it works? here's simple the steps to follow:

Step 1. Choose the load denomination.
Step 2.Enter recipient's mobile number.
Step 3. Add to cart and check out.

( no need to choose either globe, smart or sun cellular the platform will automatically which network the recipient is subscribing)

Click the links below.

Send Smart Load To The Philippines

Send Sun Load To The Philippines

Send Globe Load To The Philippines

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