27 March 2011


92.9 % Filipinos unique online visitors to Facebook

Filipinos are now social media addict, nearly 93% Filipinos are unique online visitors on  social media site during February 2011. The US based firm comScore just crowned Filipinos as the world's heaviest Facebook user in terms of online penetration among countries worldwide.

According to the comScore firm vice- president for Southeast Asia, Filipinos spent an average of seven hours per month on Facebook site. That showed Philippines having the highest online penetration on social networking usage.

This just showed that Filipinos are now leaning the World Wide Web in connecting the world through social media sites like Facebook.

Well, considering that we have over 90 million overseas Filipino workers worldwide. This social media tool connects families even miles apart. Based on my observation, since the creation of Facebook, OFWs' life has changed. Homesickness was no longer a problem. Keeping in touch with love ones, friends and lovers it’s just a few finger clicks apart on your personal computers. What is the awesome part is that you can share pictures, messages and chat in group.

Facebook has been a wiser alternative among any line of communications like mobile phones.

Thanks to Facebook! OFWs' lives have been brighter and funnier than ever. 

Information taken from www.gmanews.tv

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