11 March 2011


Alter Space!, The First Philippine - made Facebook game

Another pride of the Philippines. Alter space is the first ever Filipino -made Facebook game. The game was developed by AboitizPower company, as the first Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook!

 Alter Space offers a virtual new world, a new life and will teach you to create a mindful choices for the greater impact of the planet. 

The mission in the game is to make carbon emission low so that you can live safe from disaster in a brand new world. To complete the game, you need to build a network of friends and group so that you can have grid  a sustainable and renewable  power.

 According to MusicInfoPH from the entrepreneur.com.ph forum, a staggering 56million Facebook users play the game daily and 290 million play the game monthly.

AboitizPower company created the Facebook game to bring awareness about the environmental  impact of carbon emission and a step toward greener earth. 

Currently, there are a total of 18,124, 220 Filipino Facebook user.

You can play the game by visiting the website :

Information and some picture taken from MusciInfoPH  forum post under www.entrepreneur.com.ph
Alter Space game  Info page owned by AboitizPower company.

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