05 March 2011


Are Filipinos hardworking or indolent?

This issue, I think is germane to the situation today considering that the Philippine population has reached to 92 million according to the CIA World Factbook ,which makes the country as the 12th most populated country in the world. At present Philippines population is among the younger Asian population. Approximately 69.9 percent of the population belong to the productive age 15 - 64 years(male 30,384,504/female 30,410,691).

Actually, this is an old survey I've read under The Philippine star text views "Inbox Reader's Views and Opinions", the issue was, in general, are Filipinos hardworking or indolent?

 Respondents mostly reside in some parts of the country and a number of overseas workers who freely expressed their right of expression. 

 Here are some excerpts on the views and opinions of the respondents: 

 1. Based on the numbers, it's 50-25-25. 

50 percent hardworking, 25 percent lacking in opportunity, and 25 percent lazy 

 2. The mindset of "Bahala na system, pwede na, and saka na mentality" 

aiming for the best is not the goal, it's just about whatever will be, will be. 

 3. Hounded by the lack of opportunity. 

Generally, Filipinos are hardworking but due to the lack of opportunity to earn a descent pay, indolence thrives. 

 4. Working environment doesn't reward hard work. 

 Indolence rewarded and punishes hard work, that's the point why more hardworking Filipinos leave for countries where they could have their rightful rewards. 

 5. Filipinos are generally hardworking and "Madiskarte".

 Typical Filipino can make small things out of nothing and can survive in any harsh environment. 

 6. "Basta may opportunity, super sipag ang pinoy"

 Hardworking Filipinos were the most sought employee as attested by foreign employers. 

 7. Renowned work ethic.

 Filipinos worldwide were known for possessing a showcase of talents like being consistent, efficient, skillful and competitive.

 The subject here is a matter of wake up call to the productive populace to act upon the common goal for a better Philippines. As a Filipino citizen it is an individual right to do what is best for ourselves and to our country. 

Try to take a look at our Asian neighbors, most them rose up to the economic ladder because of their patriotism. I am optimistic that we could be as competitive as them. 

We have the outstanding knowledge and skills, a tool to become the next super country in Asia, if we should only redefine our attitude and set aside leniency, pessimism, and stand all as one.

 This is not a dream but a hope that we could once again claim that reputation as the best country in Asia.

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