09 March 2011


Are you a Smart Traveler?

I was inspired by a blogger who wrote an article about few tips for traveler. Tim Patterson says "The joy of new experience is a wonderful thing about travel - and new experiences are free".

  If you think that travelling is difficult and expensive, then it should never be that way. Travelling requires a blend of advance planning and willingness to seize opportunities. It's all about unleashing your desire for freedom. 

 I feel sorry for those people who are career oriented that most of the times stayed in the four corners of their office, hooked up with the stresses of their demanding job. And sometimes their mind wanted to gave up and that need a break but dare you just can't. Or often times you are worried about the expenses of travelling that might eat up your budget and just stay at home instead. 

 Well, travelling as I have said need a wise massive planning three months to a year the most, by then you can set aside enough budget for whatever possible expenses. The beauty of the internet is a great advantage. There are a lot of options to search everywhere. Option differs, so you need the most choices that suit your budget most importantly. 

 As I have surfed the net, I find great deals that as long as you book in advance you can get big discounts! During spring or summer break expect vacation hotels, airline tickets and travel agencies that offer a great deal of packages for the whole family or for a group. Well then, big value awaits in this opportunity and there's big savings on your travelling expenses.  

As there are thousands of best travel sites around, all you have to do is search and compare. Be aware of the hidden charges you might surprise when they billed you above on your budget. As a smart traveler discounts and deals are wise option. 

 You don't need to spend more from your pocket to see the wonders of the world. Be a smart traveler, you choices are just there waiting to discover. 

 If you were convinced by this, then search all the best possible travel sites and compare all the prices being offered, deals, promos, and discounts. From hotel rates, Airline tickets, and other major vacation packages.

Where you stay is half the adventure - RealAdventures

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