02 March 2011


Send Load to the Philippines from anywhere in the world

send load to philippines
For Filipinos and OFWs' anywhere in the world you can now send load to the Philippines. 

This e-loading platform offers to send load or mobile credits to the Philippines 24/7 service. 

 Globe, Smart, or Sun Cellular with call and txt, roaming or either autoload service now it's just a few clicks to reload your mobile with various denomination. 

 This e-loading platform offer and accept secure online payment program through internationally recognized PayPal and major credit cards. Once your payment is complete, verified and accepted. A load is processed.

How does it works? here's simple the steps to follow:

Step 1. Choose the load denomination.
Step 2.Enter recipient's mobile number.
Step 3. Add to cart and check out.

( no need to choose either globe, smart or sun cellular the platform will automatically which network the recipient is subscribing)

Click the links below.

Send Smart Load To The Philippines

Send Sun Load To The Philippines

Send Globe Load To The Philippines

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