06 March 2011


The world celebrates Women's International Month

Women of all colors worldwide celebrate the International women's month(March 8). And as my humble tribute to all women and wonderful Filipina in the Philippines and to those working overseas, I am writing this post.

The theme is gender equality and women empowerment. The Philippines "Magna Carta" for women and the convention for the elimination against all forms of violence against women noted that there is an increase in women awareness rights and a number of women are becoming leaders or gaining prominence in the place where they live. Now, we could see powerful women holding top government positions and even in the corporate world. 

If I could remember, Sushmita Sen, a beautiful Miss Universe delegate from India( she won the crown in the Philippines) asked by one of the judges "what is the essence of a woman?". Well, I just couldn't totally recall the whole phrase of her answer but the point might go this way, The essence  of a woman is not just about feminity but a mother to a child.....that answer probably made her the rightful owner of the Miss Universe crown,but in these present time? probably not anymore.

This is my point of view, women of today  is pretty much diverse, a woman with multiple options, who has the right to choose and not just being a mother to a child or perhaps a wife to a husband. A woman of today has the power to love and protect herself. She is unique and a true gem for the human race. A woman of today has the power of voice for the world hear.

As the world celebrates the International Women's Month. let me extend my gratitude to our dear Filipina and women all over the world who are fighting for freedom and justice to rights and equality.

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