21 March 2011


World's biggest underwater habitat and resort completed by 2013 in Palawan, Philippines

Lonely Planet Philippines: PalawanThe multi billion peso project will be the  first Asia's underwater resort and the world's biggest undersea living structure  once completed by 2013.

 Quoted as the Coral World Park, The project once completed will showcase the Filipino ingenuity. The project will be manned by 80% Filipino workforce from engineers, architects down to the personnel. This project uses the Filipino patented invention on water recycling and pressure chamber by an all-Filipino team of engineers.

The project is said to have 50 bedroom onland hotel complete with amenities and underwater restaurant named "starfish" which could accommodate 200 people in a 600 square meter dinning area. A seahorse shape science center will be built for the tourist and will serve as park marine observatory and conservation center

Part of the structure is the 24  undersea suites or pods called   "Anemones" which will be completely submerged 60ft below sea level with a fascinating 270-degree view of the sea. The anemones will be built by US firms specializes in submarines. Several units once completed are for public viewing at reasonable price and majority are for ownership. A 50-square meter anemone can be customized by the owners preference. The unit is equivalent to a 2 bedroom condominium unit 

The $150 million project will create thousands of Tourism jobs in Palawan and neighboring towns and provinces. The head of the project Paul Moñzca identified the island of Coron as the site of development for its strategic location.

The group targeted the conservation tourism promised to strictly adhere to the protection of the biodiversity and the rich marine life of the Palawan  even from the start to finish.

Information taken from GMANews. TV

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