23 June 2011

Tuko (Philippine Gecko) in my neighbor's roof

Since the day I came home , I'm just doing mostly household stuff. What should I do?, I just moved in to my new house and with so much excitement to put all things in order. At night while watching tv, I can't help it but getting annoyed by that irritating sound from my neighbor's roof. They said it is "Tuko"a Philippine Gecko something like a house lizard with black or brown colored skin with dots on the body and stripes around the tail. I can't tell how does it clearly look like since I haven't seen one yet.

 When bunch of my friends came to visit me they also noticed that annoying sound but to my surprise they were not pissed but interested. "Wow! your neighbor has Tuko",don't you know that it is worth thousand of dollars per 100 grams?

How could a house lizard worth that price? according to them foreigner mostly Chinese discovered that the Philipine gecko (Tukay Gecko) has some sort of chemicals in their tongue that cures cancer and perhaps AIDS. Though this has not been proven yet by the WHO but the locals were so enthused that they kept hunting Tuko or Tukay gecko for a price. The price vary according to the size. Actually, the reality is that Tuko usually sized to an average of 300 grms. Tuko were also used as an ornamental pet placed in an aquarium.

I've asked my neighbor Hector about his house lizard. He was astonished that his tuko just came out from the start of the year. It's not that big yet but weighs approximately 200gms.  He said it usually stayed on the roof and sometimes travel from the front yard and move in to the back if there are people around. A beautiful golden brown in color with some orange dots on the body. He said that it is territorial and ate insects. They never feed  the Tuko, it usually survive by its own. I said he should be rich by now if he sells his Tuko! His answer is it is a blessing in the house to have a strange pet around, we never expect that tuko in the house until January of this year. 

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) poaching Philippine Tukay Gecko ( Tuko) is illegal. The natural habitat of Tuko is usually on top of the coconut trees. This would then answer my question why on heavens sake my neighbor who have just moved in to this subdivision has Tuko on the roof. Well, our subdivision  before was a coconut tree farm. The place was developed into a subdivision. These Tuko were certainly displaced. Much of luck! of all my neighborhood, Hector's house the one on my right side has been the chosen dwelling place of this Tuko.

Philippine Tuko (tukay gecko) has been severely endangered according to the DENR and poachers if caught will be severely punished.

picture and video were taken from other site.

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19 June 2011

150th Birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal

Memorial to Martyr Dr. Jose Rizal, Rizal Park, Luneta, Manila, Philippines Premium Photographic Poster Print by Kober Christian, 40x30Today is 150th birthday of the Philippines national hero Dr. Jose Rizal (JOSÉ PROTACIO RIZAL MERCADO Y ALONSO REALONDA), as my tribute in his birthday celebration. I'm re-posting pictures taken by my self  during my visit at Rizal Park ,Manila last year. 

Pepe as he was fondly called by his mother has been an inspiration to all  Filipinos. His legacy of "bayan muna bago sarili"has been fading. But as we celebrate his birthday, We should not forget his quest for freedom that caused his life. We would have never be like this today if not of Dr. Jose Rizal. 

His sacrifice and patriotic act has gained world recognition and as proof of this, monument has been erected in his honor in some parts of the world. 

These photos depicts his life, works and writings. 

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17 June 2011

U.A.E. wage protection scheme covers low cost loans for OFWs'

Filipino FriendsLabor secretary Rosalinda Demapilis Baldoz  said during the press statement that  the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates were negotiating terms  on the UAE  program wage protection scheme to offer low cost loans to overseas Filipino workers before departure from the Philippines. The said agreement will jointly be implemented with the Philippine banks to guarantee payment of loans.

  According to the UAE minister of Labor H.E. Sarq Ghobash, That UAE will issue low-cost family loans to OFWs' and the amount of loan will be equivalent to a 2 month salary.

This project is yet to discuss at the technical level. UAE is on its continuing efforts to protect migrant workers and the country is still planning to do contract validation program using electronic system of registering migrant workers thus preventing contract substitution. The implementation of the contract validation program will be in july.

information taken from http://www.abs-cbnnews.com

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16 June 2011

Watch TV Online for Free- Free software download here

I was thinking why should I subscribe for a satellite TV and pay monthly rates even without watching TV propgrams all the time. Since I spend most of my time overseas I tried to check if I could watch my favorite TV channels at my own convenience.

 Well then, I find out that there is a free software version easy to install and can access more than 500 Tv channels. Internet massively invades peoples lives specially those who are always hooked up with their online jobs. Now spending much time online will also keep you entertained when you download this software as Internet  Online |TV Player and enjoy any kind of channel for free.

This software Free Online TV 1.2 latest version will diversify your spare time by watching more than 500 channels and 100 news channels. From anywhere, at work or at home there's no reason you'll miss your favorite TV programs.

This software is absolutely free to download and fully compatible in all operating system, safe and fully legal to watch Tv online.
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14 June 2011

Migrants for Export

Robyn Magalit Rodriguez an assistant professor of sociology at Rutgers University wrote a book about migrant workers from the Philippines. She called it ubiquitous  to global capitalism . In her book she investigates how and why the Philippine government transformed itself into a labor brokerage state.

 With nearly 9 percent (9 million) Filipinos worked overseas in more than 200 countries and considered as a global enterprise who live and work abroad. Filipino men and women who fill in the global workforce including domestic work, construction, engineering,  medical and other support related work. From the middle east to the other corners of the world overseas Filipino workers were treated as the new national heroes for leaving the country to work abroad and send their wages back home.

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Survival Kit for Overseas Living

Migration and working overseas is risky and very challenging. Globalization has brought all working environment in a multicultural scenario and in order be competitively  survive in a new world, life has to change and adapt to a new situation.

 If you are planning to work abroad or move in to a new country, you should know what challenges you are about to face. Culture shock, misconceptions, misunderstandings and stereotyping are just the most common problems we encounter living overseas. The best thing is be prepared to face this challenges and be ready to overcome this obstacles for a new rewarding and successful experience. 

In this kit, included here are tips on how to become a  foreigner with style, learn how to set objectives in an overseas experience and of course how to combat culture shock.

Survival kit for overseas living is ideal for everyone!

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10 June 2011

Home jobs for real

I have been out  of my blog in a month. Let me tell you, I am actually stressed from my demanding job for almost 5 months. No reliever and have been  handling almost 300 employees on site is no joke for me. But I am free now, on vacation and doing what I really wanted to do, updating my blog! 

As I have noticed, overseas workers like myself spent so much time on the net by visiting the social media sites like Facebook and other online games. I guess only seldom noticed that there are hidden opportunities online. This opportunity could potentially augment your income and if you are a stay home individual then definitely this is hit for you.

As I have checked my email, some online job messages were in my inbox, I forgot that I have previously registered in some home jobs. If you are not familiar let me mention a few such as          odesk,online data entry jobs, medical transcription and even commenting articles. If you are skeptic about this verify the site then you could give yourself a try, Who knows the online money making opportunity helps you in your financial quest. 

Some forum sites I have visited, bloggers and other site owners mentioned that they were earning something like 600USD or more in a month from Google Ad sense, Amazon, Clickbank and other Affiliate marketing online jobs.

I find this an interesting opportunity since most of the population worldwide were hooked in the internet. It is estimated that a person log in the internet an average of 6hrs a day. Majority of the internet users were Facebook members and visited other social media sites. 

I guess, your addiction in the internet could perhaps help you financially augment your income by just promoting products in your Facebook account and or writing product reviews, this doesn't necessarily need much of your time. You could even do this during your office free time.   

Work at Home Now: The No-nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living

Real money making online

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