23 June 2011


Tuko (Philippine Gecko) in my neighbor's roof

Since the day I came home , I'm just doing mostly household stuff. What should I do?, I just moved in to my new house and with so much excitement to put all things in order. At night while watching tv, I can't help it but getting annoyed by that irritating sound from my neighbor's roof. They said it is "Tuko"a Philippine Gecko something like a house lizard with black or brown colored skin with dots on the body and stripes around the tail. I can't tell how does it clearly look like since I haven't seen one yet.

 When bunch of my friends came to visit me they also noticed that annoying sound but to my surprise they were not pissed but interested. "Wow! your neighbor has Tuko",don't you know that it is worth thousand of dollars per 100 grams?

How could a house lizard worth that price? according to them foreigner mostly Chinese discovered that the Philipine gecko (Tukay Gecko) has some sort of chemicals in their tongue that cures cancer and perhaps AIDS. Though this has not been proven yet by the WHO but the locals were so enthused that they kept hunting Tuko or Tukay gecko for a price. The price vary according to the size. Actually, the reality is that Tuko usually sized to an average of 300 grms. Tuko were also used as an ornamental pet placed in an aquarium.

I've asked my neighbor Hector about his house lizard. He was astonished that his tuko just came out from the start of the year. It's not that big yet but weighs approximately 200gms.  He said it usually stayed on the roof and sometimes travel from the front yard and move in to the back if there are people around. A beautiful golden brown in color with some orange dots on the body. He said that it is territorial and ate insects. They never feed  the Tuko, it usually survive by its own. I said he should be rich by now if he sells his Tuko! His answer is it is a blessing in the house to have a strange pet around, we never expect that tuko in the house until January of this year. 

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) poaching Philippine Tukay Gecko ( Tuko) is illegal. The natural habitat of Tuko is usually on top of the coconut trees. This would then answer my question why on heavens sake my neighbor who have just moved in to this subdivision has Tuko on the roof. Well, our subdivision  before was a coconut tree farm. The place was developed into a subdivision. These Tuko were certainly displaced. Much of luck! of all my neighborhood, Hector's house the one on my right side has been the chosen dwelling place of this Tuko.

Philippine Tuko (tukay gecko) has been severely endangered according to the DENR and poachers if caught will be severely punished.

picture and video were taken from other site.

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