21 July 2011

P.O.E.A.'s Guideline for OFWs' Overseas Exit Clearance (O.E.C.)

This is to remind OFWs’ that the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency has implemented a new guideline for OFWs’ Overseas Exit Clearance (OEC), started last March 01, 2011 as per POEA Memo Circular No. 1 series of 2011. All OECs’ should be validated at the Labor Assistance Center inside the OFW Lounge beside NAIA Terminal 1.

  My colleague Erwin was right he said that OEC secured from the POEA or from any consular office should be validated at the Labor Assistance Center inside the OFW Lounge. This is somehow time consuming for OFWs’ who used to come to the airport two hours prior to the flight schedule. Consider three thousand OFWs’ being deployed every day and if you are one of those lazy fellow who doesn't come on time, well then expect a long line at the validation center.

There was this other guy whom I met at the OFW Lounge; he was from Bukidnon and will be going back to Dubai where he worked as a technician.  His mistake was he never secures OEC from the POEA provincial office. Much of his regret the POEA officer at the OFW Center refused to give him one since there was also a new guidelines for securing OEC. Only OFWs’ on 5 days vacation can secure OEC at the Labor Assistance Center. The rest will only be for validation of OEC’s secured from the POEA Offices in the Philippines and other consular offices.  He had waited so long for a favor, luckily the senior officer grant his request and gave him one for pity that he might miss his flight.

What you should know:

You should come to the airport earlier than 2 hours and proceed to the OFW Lounge to validate your OEC.

OEC validation doesn’t cost anything though falling in line is time consuming.

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12 July 2011

Philippines Free Text Messaging Service for Global Filipino

A group of site programmer has answered a philanthropic call  for the benefits of  our Filipinos overseas. Philippines free text messaging service a site that I just accidentally browse is a non profit site for global Filipinos.

 OFWs, Kabayan, balikbayan  and Filipino migrant workers might need not much money to keep in touch with their loves ones. I know by experience that keeping that communication burning will drain your wallet as well. During my few years of working abroad I have been spending almost half of my earned money just to buy load to call my family back home. What a big lost of money! OFWs' should in some way think twice before spending their earnings. We work hard overseas with sacrifices hoping we could raise our family out poverty.

Now, This site has made their effort to reach out the call of helping overseas Filipino workers to save and lessened their load expenses by using this interface  for FREE! I mean that for FREE!

What you should need to avail this service? Absolutely, just   your computer set. No need to log in, no registration required all you have to do is enter the recipient  phone number of the message you are about to send. Well of course your computer must be hook up in the internet. This service is open for all mobile providers in the Philippines (Smart, Talk n'Txt, Sun cellular, Globe and all TM subscriber)

Remember, It's absolutely free. This is not a bogus site. A website made by Filipinos for the Filipinos overseas! You can also check their Facebook page.

Click here magtxt.com

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11 July 2011

Gem has discover her passion in Photography

Thank you Facebook! because of you we were now keeping in touch. The power of Facebook has keep our long lost communications back! I'd like to consider  my friends and classmates that after a long years of no communication Facebook brought us back together. Facebook has also given us all the opportunity to show the world our passion. My former classmate Gem or shall I say Gem Ce Piper ( that's how she made herself public in Facebook)  has discover her real passion, her photography as a hobby made her world even more interesting.   

 Gem worked in the States for three years now and lives in Irvine California. That's all I think I can write. I don't want to invade her privacy anyway but I know she's happy living in the States. I know she visits my blog often. Thank you Gem! 

I asked Gem a favor if I could possibly  post some of the fruits of  her passion. I have been viewing all her pictures in her Facebook account. I was fascinated how she captured all the details and the angle in the pictures. I considered her photography skills a pro! Maybe she was using an expensive gadget, a high profile camera with thousands of pixels, ha ha ha ha perhaps Gem could answer this. 

Looking at her pictures, you could clearly see how amazingly captured those views. the water, the light tower, the high way etc.The pictures I downloaded from her Facebook account were just a few of her fabulous products. She should therefore think sell these in Hallmark! Well. I should think not, she's not needing all the money anyway. She is working with a one of a highly paid profession in the US.

 Actually, I also love photography  as a hobby but the fact that cameras now are quite expensive, my supposed hobby will always be a  passion with boundary. I only have a 12 mega pixels 3x zoom Fuji camera but I love it though.

The pictures below are copyrighted, I'm just happen to be a friend  and a classmate of the owner of this photographs, I salute her passion in Photography! splendidly taken candid yet so serine.

Thank you Gem for the permission.

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07 July 2011

Multiple course zipline the newest adventure thrill in Cagayan De Oro City

I just couldn't let my six weeks vacation passed by without adding my nature exploring adventure. With few more days left before going back to work. I finally set time to check out the latest extreme adrenaline adventures in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. A privately owned Jatico Adventure park just opened last April of this year and would certainly be  a place to visit for all zipline rides enthusiasts. 
Jatico Adventure Park located in Sitio Mahayahay, Barangay Bayanga Cagayan De Oro city is just approximately 10 km from Lumbia Airport Cagayan De Oro and getting there is not that hard since they provided a shuttle bus for tourists at a cost of 100Php per person round trip, meeting place to avail the shuttle bus  is in Cagayan De Oro downtown at  Tourism Kiosk fronting Jollibee Divisoria at 8:30am - 4:30pm. Better to contact the number posted below for further queries . 

I am not paid by promoting Jatico adventure park but for the benefits of would be tourists coming to Cagayan De Oro certainly this could be added on the places to explore. But if you want more exploring fun better hire habal - habal a motorcycle ride for hire at a minimum fare. Habal- Habal rides were available near SM mall and I think you can haggle the fare if you will.

Jatico Adventure Park offer packages rides or you can create your own combo rides. What is fascinating on this new Adventure park is that it has multiple zipline courses. There are 5 zipline courses with varying length though the longest was just 450 meter but the most exciting part is you can have aerial landing on the last 2 courses. The price is so affordable at a starting rate of 600 Php for a package of 5 courses zipline plus a bungee tramp or water zorb or a big swing.

Though not all rides are available yet but the place is so breath taking considering the park is located on top of Mahayahay peak with 360 degrees greenery views. Feel the fresh air and a warm sunshine on top of the peak.

This are all the amenities Jatico Adventure park offers: 
 Water Zorb
Big Swing
ATV Trails
Bungee Tramp
Playground and Pool
Boot Camp Area 
Bamboo cottages for 2 and for family

Available soon:

Cable lift
Swimming Pool
Ridge Cabins
Jatico Adventure Park
Sito Mahayahay, Brgy. Bayanga
Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

For more information you may contact on this numbers
+63-88-309-4986 / +63-932-463-0022 / +63-88-858-4986
Open  from Monday to Sunday
8:00am to 6:00pm 

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