11 July 2011


Gem has discover her passion in Photography

Thank you Facebook! because of you we were now keeping in touch. The power of Facebook has keep our long lost communications back! I'd like to consider  my friends and classmates that after a long years of no communication Facebook brought us back together. Facebook has also given us all the opportunity to show the world our passion. My former classmate Gem or shall I say Gem Ce Piper ( that's how she made herself public in Facebook)  has discover her real passion, her photography as a hobby made her world even more interesting.   

 Gem worked in the States for three years now and lives in Irvine California. That's all I think I can write. I don't want to invade her privacy anyway but I know she's happy living in the States. I know she visits my blog often. Thank you Gem! 

I asked Gem a favor if I could possibly  post some of the fruits of  her passion. I have been viewing all her pictures in her Facebook account. I was fascinated how she captured all the details and the angle in the pictures. I considered her photography skills a pro! Maybe she was using an expensive gadget, a high profile camera with thousands of pixels, ha ha ha ha perhaps Gem could answer this. 

Looking at her pictures, you could clearly see how amazingly captured those views. the water, the light tower, the high way etc.The pictures I downloaded from her Facebook account were just a few of her fabulous products. She should therefore think sell these in Hallmark! Well. I should think not, she's not needing all the money anyway. She is working with a one of a highly paid profession in the US.

 Actually, I also love photography  as a hobby but the fact that cameras now are quite expensive, my supposed hobby will always be a  passion with boundary. I only have a 12 mega pixels 3x zoom Fuji camera but I love it though.

The pictures below are copyrighted, I'm just happen to be a friend  and a classmate of the owner of this photographs, I salute her passion in Photography! splendidly taken candid yet so serine.

Thank you Gem for the permission.

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