12 July 2011


Philippines Free Text Messaging Service for Global Filipino

A group of site programmer has answered a philanthropic call  for the benefits of  our Filipinos overseas. Philippines free text messaging service a site that I just accidentally browse is a non profit site for global Filipinos.

 OFWs, Kabayan, balikbayan  and Filipino migrant workers might need not much money to keep in touch with their loves ones. I know by experience that keeping that communication burning will drain your wallet as well. During my few years of working abroad I have been spending almost half of my earned money just to buy load to call my family back home. What a big lost of money! OFWs' should in some way think twice before spending their earnings. We work hard overseas with sacrifices hoping we could raise our family out poverty.

Now, This site has made their effort to reach out the call of helping overseas Filipino workers to save and lessened their load expenses by using this interface  for FREE! I mean that for FREE!

What you should need to avail this service? Absolutely, just   your computer set. No need to log in, no registration required all you have to do is enter the recipient  phone number of the message you are about to send. Well of course your computer must be hook up in the internet. This service is open for all mobile providers in the Philippines (Smart, Talk n'Txt, Sun cellular, Globe and all TM subscriber)

Remember, It's absolutely free. This is not a bogus site. A website made by Filipinos for the Filipinos overseas! You can also check their Facebook page.

Click here magtxt.com

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