21 July 2011


P.O.E.A.'s Guideline for OFWs' Overseas Exit Clearance (O.E.C.)

This is to remind OFWs’ that the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency has implemented a new guideline for OFWs’ Overseas Exit Clearance (OEC), started last March 01, 2011 as per POEA Memo Circular No. 1 series of 2011. All OECs’ should be validated at the Labor Assistance Center inside the OFW Lounge beside NAIA Terminal 1.

  My colleague Erwin was right he said that OEC secured from the POEA or from any consular office should be validated at the Labor Assistance Center inside the OFW Lounge. This is somehow time consuming for OFWs’ who used to come to the airport two hours prior to the flight schedule. Consider three thousand OFWs’ being deployed every day and if you are one of those lazy fellow who doesn't come on time, well then expect a long line at the validation center.

There was this other guy whom I met at the OFW Lounge; he was from Bukidnon and will be going back to Dubai where he worked as a technician.  His mistake was he never secures OEC from the POEA provincial office. Much of his regret the POEA officer at the OFW Center refused to give him one since there was also a new guidelines for securing OEC. Only OFWs’ on 5 days vacation can secure OEC at the Labor Assistance Center. The rest will only be for validation of OEC’s secured from the POEA Offices in the Philippines and other consular offices.  He had waited so long for a favor, luckily the senior officer grant his request and gave him one for pity that he might miss his flight.

What you should know:

You should come to the airport earlier than 2 hours and proceed to the OFW Lounge to validate your OEC.

OEC validation doesn’t cost anything though falling in line is time consuming.

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