30 September 2011

Jasmin Santos story: Tickets to fly back home

Money to purchase tickets to fly back home was her core desire.  Leaving her 4kids was the biggest sacrifice she ever did, with hope on her heart that someday she could give them a better future and this is where her story started.

I just feel that I should share this lovely story. Though the video link being sent by my E-mail was more of company propaganda but it doesn’t matter, the important thing is the story of an ordinary Filipina who never stop searching for her success in a foreign land.

I am inspired watching her success story. She’s shy and inexperienced in doing any business presentation but that doesn’t stop her, her desire for a good life for her family leads her to what she is now today.

Jasmin Santos a caregiver went to the United States with her husband in search of a greener Pasteur.  This is a typical Filipino story. Survival and sacrifice for the love of family left home.

I watched the video and followed the whole story narrated by the speaker. I could see her emotions and her desire to see kids again. This leads her to conquer her fears to be brave and move ahead. I know how hard it is to live abroad with meagre earnings and then you have family left home highly dependent on how much money you send. But on her side, her core desire keeps her to pursue what she thinks might help her to buy tickets to see her kids again.

In 2010, she was introduced into a business, she has no money to start with, but it doesn’t stop her, she had to grab that chance for to be able to afford to go back home and be with her son’s graduation.

Now with sufficient income, she can fly back home as much as she wanted and see her kids over and over again.

Try to watch the whole story, share with her that core desire, what is it that enabled to her success. Her passion and courage inspires us all. 

You tube video owned by jocaswang
The author has no direct relationship with the business being presented on this video and in any way has no intention to promote the business. The purpose of posting this video is just to show the impact of Jasmin Santos’ success story.

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28 September 2011

OWWA and DOLE on OFW Reintegration Program

I have decided to write again about OWWAs’ OFW reintegration program. It seems that returning  OFWs’ are getting interested in this program. Since I find a number of related keywords popping up in my blog search then here's what I can say:

OFW reintegration program is one of the social services and family welfare assistance being offered by OWWA.  This is intended for those returning OFWs’ and their family to reintegrate to the mainstream of the Philippine society. Under this program, OWWA provides values re-education and livelihood assistance. 

OWWA will facilitate the re-integration program in partnership with other agency National Livelihood Development Corporation (NLDC) with its main goal to extend loan facility for OFW and families for enterprise development.

OWWA also tied up with other government agency like Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for business orientation and registration seminar for OFWs’ who want to become an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurship development training is an active program under the OFW reintegration program through which they emphasize on counselling, entrepreneurial orientation and business planning.

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on the other hand also established National Reintegration Center for OFW (NRCO) for which under this banner they set up a Micro Business Incubation Center for displaced and disadvantaged workers and OFWs’ families who are willing to start livelihood and lead productive lives.

You can also visit their website:  http://www.nrco.dole.gov.ph/

If you want to know more about OFW Reintegration Program you may contact OWWA on their website and this following  E-mail addresses.

Source of information:   

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26 September 2011

Social Welfare Attaches proposed for OFWs’

Social Welfare Attaches proposed by lawmakers to serve overseas Filipino workers for counselling. I’ve read an article about this on journal online.com. I think that I should better share this to my OFW readers.

Representatives Sherwin Tugna and Cinchona Cruz filed House Bill 5056.  The two party-list lawmakers were from Citizens Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC).  With their concern of increasing number of the OFWs’ the government has to act promptly on addressing the needs and problems.

Social Welfare Attaches will be stationed in all consular offices and will serve distressed OFWs’ especially those who are victims of human trafficking.

OFWs’ should salute these two honourable lawmakers for giving their valuable time and effort in addressing   OFWS’ needs.

 It is most likely that emotional torture has brought the most devastating effect in the lives of the overseas Filipino workers. Counselling from qualified personnel would bring back our psyche to equilibrium. This is very important to an ordinary OFW to survive in every struggle.

I just hope this House Bill will be passed into law and all OFWS’ needs will be addressed accordingly be it emotional, financial and or physical. After all 9 million OFWs’ has contributed much to the Philippine economy. It is time for the government to act upon and pay back what is due for OFWs’.

So what do you think? Support the Bill.

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21 September 2011

Best possible investments for OFWs’

This post serve as a supplement to the BSP  latest survey result wherein 41.4 per cent of the OFWs’ are now into savings and investment. OFWs’ have the capability to lay down money and as such it should be used as a productive tool to achieve financial freedom.

  Here I am posting the best possible investment an OFW might consider.

Gold as an Investment:

Over the years the gold market has not been shaken by any financial turmoil. As a matter of fact, gold value has tremendously rising.  Consider the year 1970’s where the gold priced at $35 per ounce, now its reaching to $1,700 per ounce. According to some financial analyst the value of gold in the market might reach to a maximum $2,000 per ounce by 2015.

Property and Real Estate:

Since OFWs’ has the power to lay down money outright then perhaps buying a property is the best option. Philippines real estate business has been steadily booming even in the provinces condo units has been an option to some executive individual.  The only important thing to consider is the documentation and contract processing. I am telling you, this is tiresome and a good advice is getting a real estate broker.   The market value of the property depends on the location. If you’re considering prime lands you’ll expect a higher price. Property value never depreciates, to some it is  considered a dead investment but for me real estate is indeed a wise investment for OFWs'.

Mutual Funds/ Unit investment Trust Funds:

This is a complicated type of investment. The best person to help you on this is your bank manager or your financial planner.  Banks in the Philippines has offered great advantage on this program. BDO and BPI are the two best banks in the Philippines that offer better mutual investment plan. An initial investment is only 10 thousand pesos and ads on 1 thousand pesos monthly and your money will be diversified in any stocks available. This is like a passive income you’ll wait for a minimum of 3 years for your money to grow. A long term investment is better to see how you’ll money earns. This is only intended for those investors who are willing to take the risk, sometimes earnings are not always guaranteed as depending on the money market value available on the stocks exchange.

Time Deposit:

If you are a conservative investor and have not decided where to invest your money, better consider time deposit.  There are also banks in the Philippines that offer high yield peso and dollar time deposits.  BPI and Metro bank offered a better time deposit with an insurance coverage.  There are time deposits with short term plans which give higher interest earning this on the other way is subject to a special agreement between your banks.

I never consider business for OFWs as an option, it is too risky to take considering you are working overseas, don’t even entrust all your hard earned money to other people even your family members. If you want to settle down for good then that’s the time to think putting up a business as an option. OWWA has OFW reintegration program. Visit their satellite offices nationwide for more information and a better advice.

 Beware of get rich quick business program.  Multi-level marketing (MLM) and other networking business mushroomed in the Philippines, better check their background and company financial status before joining them. There are plenty of scammers in the Philippines whose main target are the OFWs’ so be wise and vigilant they are like vultures craving for your flesh and waiting when to strike the right time.

Options mentioned above are just brief information for your reading.  For you to have a good understanding on financial matter I suggest you do some research or better yet hire a financial adviser. Visit your bank and ask your bank manager about best possible options in investing your money. They are in the position to answer all your queries.

OFW money is hard earned money so make the most out of it.


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18 September 2011

Pinoy TV shows for Global Filipino.

Overseas Filipinos has no reason in any way to miss his or her favourite Pinoy tv shows.  I happened to browse a wonderful site that offers free streaming and even watch full version of all Pinoy tv shows and movies online.  The Filipino television online is certainly a site to follow.

The site converge all 3 major television networks in the Philippines, ABS-CBN, GMA Network, TV-5 and all other Pinoy radio programs, Pinoy movies and Pinoy Karaoke Channel. It’s like one stop shop.

I don’t personally know the owner of this site but I should thank his wonderful effort and initiative for making this site, truly a site for Global Filipino.

Way back in 2002, my first ever overseas experience was in Riyadh Saudi Arabia .TFC agents at that time  has to collect almost 3,000 Saudi rials in order to subscribe the Filipino channel (TFC) which then  includes a package of receiver, card and a satellite dish. It’s also hard to get internet connection since plug in modem is not yet available and if there ever was I bet it’s also expensive.

Now that we are all globally connected, praises to this great technology invention. Internet has kept all our spirits closer. Homesickness a major mental torture for all OFWs’ has been considered  a thing of the past. With just a click away from your personal computer there is video chat, Facebook, YM, and e game to choose from.   And if you are a true Filipino in spirit The Filipino television online is best for you! 

 www.kabayan.com A Filipino television online, makes that role in keeping us in touch with what is happening in the Philippines. Watch news, favourite shows and listen to the radio there’s a lot of choices to your liking.

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16 September 2011

OFW Families into savings and investment

BSP has released data that OFW families are now into savings and investment.  Financial education has been the forefront program of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for all OFW beneficiaries.  

 BSP always pointed out that the value of the OFW remittance is always significant to the growth of the economy and as such remittances should never be wasted.  The BSP advocacy for OFW financial literacy has brought significant result according to the survey.

BSP Consumer Expectation Survey revealed that 41.4 per cent of the OFW beneficiaries turned into savings part of the remittance. BSP advocacy has ignited OFW families to channel all remitted money into productive use.

The survey also revealed that 6.8 per cent of the households used their remittance for investment.  Most of the money being sent by OFW were used for food ( 97.2 per cent) , education ( 69.4 per cent), medical payments (59.6 per cent),  debt payments (46.4 per cent).

As the BSP lowered the growth target for OFWs’ remittances to $20.1 billion this year due to  political crisis in the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA).  BSP encouraged all OFWs’ and beneficiaries to save and invest regularly to improve the Philippine economy.

OFW remittances on the other hand showed a tremendous annual average of 14.2 per cent over the last 6 years due to strong demand for skilled Filipinos overseas.

Click: OFW Portal

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13 September 2011

OFWs’ meaning of Success

As I rekindle my years of being an overseas Filipino worker this question came across my mind, what does success means to an ordinary OFW?

  Working overseas is not that easy, you’ve got to shed off your own blood and sweat overcoming obstacles hoping to reach your dreams. But some OFWs’ forgot their reasons why they have to work abroad and left their families back home. Some on the other hand were overwhelmed with pressures and gave up. Not all OFWs’ have reached their goals working abroad. Some even caused their lives; some dreams shattered after long years of battling hard work or perhaps some were not lucky enough finding their own success.

Certainly, the question above could have various answers. However, these depend on OFWs’ status, job position, age, present situation and length of years working overseas.

Even I myself couldn’t say that I am already successful after working overseas for seven long years. I am still until now in the midst of aiming that word “success”.  I remember that from the moment I stepped on that foreign land, I told myself that this is not just for me but for my family and I kept that word “sacrifice” and be inspired for the sake of having that successful life.

I am posting this article wanting to point out that working overseas is hard more than anyone could imagine. It’s not about luxury working abroad but about sacrifices for the welfare of our families left home.  But I’m telling you, this is however your possible door steps towards a brighter future or shall I say an edge closer to your dreams. It’s just about how you mobilize yourself and navigate your way to that degree of right direction.

Success is quantifiable you yourself can only measure it. So start assessing your personal success, acknowledge it and be inspired from it. Your future I guess depends on it.  

After all working overseas I suppose is only our temporary means. But making the most from it leads to our goals and dreams that could certainly bring a milestone of success.

So try to re-evaluate what success means to you being an OFW.

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06 September 2011

How does Filipinos receive complements

My sincere apology for this post. This has been auto posted from some advertising site I joined. Freefront a forum VIP sent me a note about this. Thank you so much for the suggestion. There's no other words to say but thank you for that constructive comments.

I have been searching some topic about how do Filipinos receive complements. The weird thing is I got stuck on that advertising site. Which I happen to add incidentally  without reviewing prior to posting.

I am not deleting  this post but somehow, I am expressing my sincere apology to the unsatisfied readers. 

The post from which Mikey Bustos created a video tutorial on how does Filipinos receive complements got me. I was delighted about the tutorial but upon reviewing the  video it was not actually the way it was. The video was a mobile advertisement.

The caption of the video goes like this: 

The Filipino is a unique and complex being, however,  in the manner in which we receive complements, so unique in fact, we had to create a tutorial exploring the multi- dimensional reactions to compliments given to a Filipino.

 the video posted before was just a mere advertisement from a mobile phone. So I have no other reason but to delete the video.

Once again, thank you freefront for your comment.  there's no other words to say but thank you!

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Philippines No. 9 in Asian countries to produce $ US Millionaires by 2015

According to a Swiss wealth manager survey, Philippines is No. 9 in Asian countries to produce $ US Millionaires by 2015. 

Philippines Flag 3 x 5 NEW 3x5 foot Filipino Banner

An estimated 0.04 per cent of the population that is roughly 38 thousand Filipinos will be millionaires with a net worth of US $1 million as per individual account.

Filipino millionaires will have a combined net worth of $ 164 billion the lowest from its neighbouring Asian countries.

Posted below is the ranks of Asian countries estimated to produce millionaires by 2015.

Data posted below courtesy of http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com

Number of US$ millionaires
Combined Wealth (in US$ billions)
2015 Est. Population (in millions)
% of Population
South Korea
Hong Kong

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02 September 2011

Middle East is world's highest vacancies for IT Professionals

I have watched Dubai news a few  days ago and here's  interesting news  for IT job hunters, Middle East is world's highest volume of vacancies for IT Professionals. 
Get The Job
 A survey conducted with thousands of respondents worldwide came up a total of 60 per cent estimate of volume vacancies for IT professionals. Though specific available  positions never mentioned on the course of the entire survey.

Australia and New Zealand have the second highest volume of vacancies at 55 per cent. while Europe has 50 per cent openings for IT professionals.

The reasons of such vacancies pointed by respondents were economic uncertainty, transient nature of expanding middle East markets, poor IT training, rapid market expansion underestimated the shoot up of IT demands, and employment issues occur at IT entry level workers.

source of information: gulfnews.com

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01 September 2011

Travel ban to Iraq Lifted, what’s next?

Moment of Truth in IraqFilipinos are now allowed to travel Iraq. Travel ban has been lifted but travel advisory will still remain in place.

The new regulation states that all passports issued after July 2011 shall no longer bear a “Not valid to travel Iraq” stamp. However, officials at the Philippine Embassy have advised Filipinos seeking for employment or other purposes shall travel at their own risk.

Filipinos seeking for a potential high earning job will most likely take risk traveling to Iraq in exchange of a good employment package. Iraq having one of the biggest oil reserves in the Middle East area has been targeting skilled workers and other professionals to work in their oilfields and oil refineries. Philippines as a labour market wanted to have a piece of this opportunity hoping to increase dollar remittances from OFWs’.

 It is not only Iraq that has been banned by the Philippine government for overseas Filipino workers there are other countries like Nigeria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Jordan but passports has not been stamped on such travel ban.  Though however, there are Filipinos in that banned countries flourished despite existing risk there is.

I hope, the Philippine government concerned agencies should reasonably act and advocating on what is beneficial for the country and would be OFWs’. It is not only the amount of possible remittances that the Philippines would be receiving but avoiding future beheading and kidnapping of our poor overseas Filipino workers.

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