06 September 2011


How does Filipinos receive complements

My sincere apology for this post. This has been auto posted from some advertising site I joined. Freefront a forum VIP sent me a note about this. Thank you so much for the suggestion. There's no other words to say but thank you for that constructive comments.

I have been searching some topic about how do Filipinos receive complements. The weird thing is I got stuck on that advertising site. Which I happen to add incidentally  without reviewing prior to posting.

I am not deleting  this post but somehow, I am expressing my sincere apology to the unsatisfied readers. 

The post from which Mikey Bustos created a video tutorial on how does Filipinos receive complements got me. I was delighted about the tutorial but upon reviewing the  video it was not actually the way it was. The video was a mobile advertisement.

The caption of the video goes like this: 

The Filipino is a unique and complex being, however,  in the manner in which we receive complements, so unique in fact, we had to create a tutorial exploring the multi- dimensional reactions to compliments given to a Filipino.

 the video posted before was just a mere advertisement from a mobile phone. So I have no other reason but to delete the video.

Once again, thank you freefront for your comment.  there's no other words to say but thank you!

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