30 September 2011


Jasmin Santos story: Tickets to fly back home

Money to purchase tickets to fly back home was her core desire.  Leaving her 4kids was the biggest sacrifice she ever did, with hope on her heart that someday she could give them a better future and this is where her story started.

I just feel that I should share this lovely story. Though the video link being sent by my E-mail was more of company propaganda but it doesn’t matter, the important thing is the story of an ordinary Filipina who never stop searching for her success in a foreign land.

I am inspired watching her success story. She’s shy and inexperienced in doing any business presentation but that doesn’t stop her, her desire for a good life for her family leads her to what she is now today.

Jasmin Santos a caregiver went to the United States with her husband in search of a greener Pasteur.  This is a typical Filipino story. Survival and sacrifice for the love of family left home.

I watched the video and followed the whole story narrated by the speaker. I could see her emotions and her desire to see kids again. This leads her to conquer her fears to be brave and move ahead. I know how hard it is to live abroad with meagre earnings and then you have family left home highly dependent on how much money you send. But on her side, her core desire keeps her to pursue what she thinks might help her to buy tickets to see her kids again.

In 2010, she was introduced into a business, she has no money to start with, but it doesn’t stop her, she had to grab that chance for to be able to afford to go back home and be with her son’s graduation.

Now with sufficient income, she can fly back home as much as she wanted and see her kids over and over again.

Try to watch the whole story, share with her that core desire, what is it that enabled to her success. Her passion and courage inspires us all. 

You tube video owned by jocaswang
The author has no direct relationship with the business being presented on this video and in any way has no intention to promote the business. The purpose of posting this video is just to show the impact of Jasmin Santos’ success story.

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