13 September 2011


OFWs’ meaning of Success

As I rekindle my years of being an overseas Filipino worker this question came across my mind, what does success means to an ordinary OFW?

  Working overseas is not that easy, you’ve got to shed off your own blood and sweat overcoming obstacles hoping to reach your dreams. But some OFWs’ forgot their reasons why they have to work abroad and left their families back home. Some on the other hand were overwhelmed with pressures and gave up. Not all OFWs’ have reached their goals working abroad. Some even caused their lives; some dreams shattered after long years of battling hard work or perhaps some were not lucky enough finding their own success.

Certainly, the question above could have various answers. However, these depend on OFWs’ status, job position, age, present situation and length of years working overseas.

Even I myself couldn’t say that I am already successful after working overseas for seven long years. I am still until now in the midst of aiming that word “success”.  I remember that from the moment I stepped on that foreign land, I told myself that this is not just for me but for my family and I kept that word “sacrifice” and be inspired for the sake of having that successful life.

I am posting this article wanting to point out that working overseas is hard more than anyone could imagine. It’s not about luxury working abroad but about sacrifices for the welfare of our families left home.  But I’m telling you, this is however your possible door steps towards a brighter future or shall I say an edge closer to your dreams. It’s just about how you mobilize yourself and navigate your way to that degree of right direction.

Success is quantifiable you yourself can only measure it. So start assessing your personal success, acknowledge it and be inspired from it. Your future I guess depends on it.  

After all working overseas I suppose is only our temporary means. But making the most from it leads to our goals and dreams that could certainly bring a milestone of success.

So try to re-evaluate what success means to you being an OFW.

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