10 October 2011


Free shuttle service at NAIA 1

The increasing volume of arriving OFWs’ at NAIA 1 has greatly increased the demand for free shuttle bus going to NAIA Terminal 2, 3 and 4.

As I have noticed, it would take almost an hour or more in order for us to avail that free shuttle bus.  This is actually a privilege and it is free who else will complain. If you are in hurry better hire a metered airport taxi for 300 pesos minimum on route NAIA terminal 2 or 3.

 But then this is how I observed, those stewards has never been given due respect as they facilitates OFWs’ with connecting flight to NAIA Terminal 2, 3 and 4. I could see their burden while uploading and offloading those big and heavy luggages and balikbayan boxes. 

I am posting this just to inform fellow OFWs’ that free shuttle bus at NAIA terminal 1 has been a privilege. I guess, a little amount of money as tip to those shuttle attendants won’t harm our wallet. 20 to 50 pesos would mean something to them. But don’t ever give tip more than 100 pesos you might spoiled them. A little amount might perhaps energize them and keep them inspired helping us OFWs’ to go through our final destination.

I admit, I always give them tip 100 pesos a maximum and as a good gesture they thank me back. But I should say, I thanked them most for helping me carrying those entire heavy luggages full of pasalubong and padala.

As a frequent traveller, I have noticed that free shuttle bus right beside the NAIA terminal 1 Arrival area has been a popular choice to those having connecting flights. Balikbayan, OFWs’ and even tourists all patiently waited to avail the free shuttle bus.

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