17 October 2011


Pag- Ibig and POEA on Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)

This morning, I was able to stretch my time and went to P.O.E.A. regional office here in Cagayan de Oro City to secure my overseas employment certificate or OEC. I still have two more weeks before going back to work. I don't mined having such a short vacation this time. The most important thing is I was able to settle all necessary obligations at home.

If I could still remember, I was able to post about OFWs' on mandatory Pag-Ibig membership, as per policy from the government. Well, OFWs' has no reason to evade such mandatory regulation this time.

Just last September of this year, Philippine Overseas Employment Agency has already implemented a full force membership registration. As a rule, it is mandatory for all overseas Filipino workers to register as member for Pag-Ibig Fund.

POEA will no longer give you overseas employment certificate or OEC if you don't have Pag- Ibig membership. POEA will first ask your Pag- Ibig membership receipt.  If you don't have one, then they will advise you to visit the Pag-Ibig office to get that membership receipt or a corresponding tracking number. Even if you have that  Pag- Ibig Overseas Program identification card, still they demanded that membership receipt.

I am advising you now, bring with you your Pag-Ibig membership receipt and not only  the  Pag-Ibig Overseas Program ID.  POEA staff will give you Pag-Ibig membership form to fill up and then they will advise you to visit Pag-Ibig office. Good graces here in Cagayan de Oro, Pag-Ibig building is just a few meters away from POEA.  I guess a 100 walk steps or less will get you there in time.

If you are already a member, still you have to visit Pag-Ibig office to have your POEA form countersigned just like what PhilHealth and OWWA usually do.

If you want to escape hassles in securing OEC better bring along all your necessary documents like PhilHealth updated payment receipt and the OWWA membership certificate and the latest addition, Pag-Ibig membership receipt.

 Try to imagine if Pag-Ibig office is quite far from POEA and OWWA, you will certainly get the aches in yourself.

This is just a brief guidance of all OFWs' trying to secure OEC  in POEA offices.

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