26 October 2011


Philippine Tourism: One of the Best in Asia

Promoting once again the fascinating beauty of my beloved country the Philippines, being an overseas Filipino worker,I feel like I'm compelled to do so. OFWs' are one of the most influential people to promote  Philippine tourism to the world. Set aside cynicism, it will bring us all no good. If we could only bring one guest to visit Philippines, you'll discover the chain effect later. They'll bring one more and keep coming back to savor the majestic beauty on the Philippine islands. 

If you already know, Apl.de.ap (of the Black Eyed Peas) has been creating videos  promoting Philippine Tourism and there are more celebrity doing this as well. 

As an ordinary citizen, let us start to do the same. Promote the beauty of the Philippines in our own little way. We will see the results one day. Jobs will be created, revenues for hotel accommodation and food. And a lot more than you could imagine. 

Today, the Department of Tourism is promoting programs akin to nature. There is Eco-tourism projects being promoted all over the Philippine  archipelago. Try to consider nature trekking, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, island hopping and a lot more. You will definitely discover the diverse nature of the 7,107 islands.

There is also Medical tourism program that includes health and wellness spa, Philippines has been a popular travel destination for this purpose alone. Philippine hospitals compete with other Asian rivals for foreign medical services. It is not only of high technology that were considered but of quality service and professional skills that Filipinos were mostly known of.

Retirement option has been an good choice to most old aged foreigners. Retirement homes are now on good development in selected parts of the country. The tender loving care and outstanding hospitality of the Filipinos were unequaled to any other Asian population.

The Philippines of 7,107 islands is an open secret waiting to be discovered. Discover Philippines in its adventure, culture and extraordinary nature. Truly, every time you hop in each of the  island you'll be mesmerized of the beauty of the Philippines.
You Tube video courtesy of WOWPHILIPPINESUK

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