15 November 2011


A Book review: 5 Things You need to do before you die

How to live a life of no regrets? If you ever wonder what legacy you would leave behind, then you probably need to read this book.  5 things you need to do before you die was written by Philippine’s bestselling inspirational and motivational author, Bo Sanchez.

In this book, He described chapter by chapter on how to follow your bliss and live a life of no regrets.  Readers were given details on how to live a life full of acceptance, courage and inspiration.

I feel like I’m obliged to share this book most specifically to our overseas Filipino workers. We understand that being an overseas worker, we have submitted ourselves and committed to support and give our life to our families left home.

But having been into this situation, did we ever ask ourselves, shall we ever live this life with no regrets at all? Did we ever embrace this life of self-sacrifice and accept the fact that we are obliged to be in this situation? What legacy you could imagine to leave behind?

Bo Sanchez wrote this book with a very emotional question, How to die with a profound happiness?
Here, he listed some keys that you may learn to live fully and accept the question who you are passionately.

1.      Celebrate who you are?

= Be true to yourself; accept the fact that you are unique because God designed you to be one. You don’t need to be a copycat, stop comparing yourself with other people. Remember you are UNIQUE! So follow your dreams, get your calling and follow your path.

2.      Live in your courage zone

=Sometimes, we need older people to bless us and give us wisdom to inspire in our ways, to stand firm in our decision.  Sometimes, we need people’s lives (success or failure) to know the true life, that from there we could define our own success and continue that journey of fulfillment.

3.      Put people before things

Bo Sanchez says if you never have happy relationships you will be never happy. No matter how much you achieve in life.  We should be grateful for the people in our life specially our loved ones. Learn to prioritize others and express the power of gratitude to them.

4.      Enjoy life in present moment

= Don’t worry about the future. Consider everyday a wonderful day. Every day is a moment of blessing. Enjoy life wherever you are.

5.      Sacrifice for something bigger than yourself

= Bo Sanchez said we are born for greatness and we have a destiny to fulfil. We are created to inspire, serve and care for others. Share God’s love and share yourself to others. In the book, it was mentioned , “ your wealth will never be enough for you. But if you offer your wealth to God, it will be enough for the world."

The Author:
Bo Sanchez has written 24 bestselling books and 8 magazines.  He is one of the best inspirational authors in the Philippines. He is one of the outstanding young men awardee in 2006. He is also a spiritual founder of Light of Jesus Family, a spiritual community.
You can contact him through email bosanchez@kerygmafamily.com

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