03 November 2011


Gulf Air Ground Staff Hospitality

I should never forget Gulf Air ground staff hospitality. Though I never get to know their names but they are tremendously courteous and pleasant.

As I was being told by the customer service through email earlier than my flight schedule, that they are going to upgrade my seat into a business class, I expect nothing but extraordinary attention.

 Just as I was patiently waiting for my turn to get my visa screened (usual protocol in NAIA 1 for outbound OFWs').  After the screening, I headed directly to the check in counter, the ground staff with a smile said, oh! So you're Mr. Pasilan. She then immediately called up her ground supervisor.

As the ground supervisor approaches, she said she was informed of my coming and instructed to upgrade my seat to a business class! I was never surprised for I have been informed ahead. But, I admit I was happy, I already knew the comfort of business class, stretch your legs and lay down comfortably as if you are in your own single bed and of course a delightful food of your choice.

This I like most, all has been done but the Gulf Air ground staff hospitality never ends there. She accompanied me all the way to Gulf Air Lounge. You’re being treated like VIP, I thanked them for this. Self-service of all you ever want, coffee, sandwiches, soda, food and dessert.

While on board Gulf Air GF-155, I have been assigned to a front seat, I asked the flight attendant if I could possibly transfer to a seat near window. She said that seat is for the pilot (probably to sleep). I have no comments then, though food is good, but the service is only fair as far as I could rate.

I should never compare Gulf Air ground and air staff service method. I know all crews have protocols and quality service orientation but it’s up to them to assess how far they made Gulf Air passenger comfortable and should make only one reason to choose again Gulf Air as their airline of preference.

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