29 November 2011


Safa Oilfied and Majestic Sand dunes

Working in the middle of welderness would mean depression and gloom. As I was trying to explore my new area of assignment, I noticed the hidden beauty of the welderness. Safa Oxy oilfield has been covered with vast majestic sand dunes which mostly resembles like pyramids and rustic mountains.

 I have been here now for almost 15 days, though keeping my self intact with this far from human habitation, there's more in here waiting to be discovered.

Safa oilfield is one of the biggest oilfield and has major oil deposits in the Sultanate of Oman. This area covered entirely with  desert with seldom trees stood  miles apart for another. The weather is harsh sometimes cold and mostly hot and dry the whole day. If you could perhaps  be given a chance to come by, you might not stay any longer than a day.

But within the vast desert on top lies a beautiful sand dunes with fine rustic or brown sand formed like pyramids and curved mountains. I was mesmerized by this enchanting beauty as I always travel between oil rig and to the main camp for inspection.  This beautiful landscape were carved by no one but  by nature alone.

Here's the pictures taken for your liking.

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