12 November 2011


TFC’s A Mother’s Story Movie: Depicts the hard life and sacrifice of an OFW

 More movies about overseas Filipino worker’s life struggle were produced and shown. Milan and Dubai were just those two movies who made big bucks from the industry. This year, A Mother’s story was another phenomenal movie for all overseas Filipino workers to watch. The Filipino channel (TFC) released “A Mother’s Story” that depicts the hard life and sacrifices of being an overseas Filipino worker.

Pokwang not only portrays a true OFW but she showed the true color of working as a Filipino in a foreign land. This is a movie that OFWs’ and family left back home to reflect upon. Internalize the flesh of the story and be inspired from it.

How many times movies and television did showed stories like this? But still again and again we forgot to watch that there are real lessons to be learned.

OFWs’ never need a movie to remind more often that our life is a movie of our own, we should in our very own self be inspired, that we’ve struggled, that against all odds we made to support our families back home. That beneath those sacrifices we’ve shared what kind of life we ever wanted for our loved ones, those sometimes family relationships were compromised, that it’s not  an OFW has to make sacrifices alone but the whole family as well, to work together and understand each other.

This story is a no joke that after watching it, words just come out from our mouth would be fantastic! Amazing, great! Pokwang did great!  Or what a nice movie!

What I want OFWs’ like me to do, is to clearly examine what the movie wanted us to see!

Disclaimer: video and picture from ABS-CBN 

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