12 December 2011


OFW House Bill: Added Protection to Overseas Filipino Workers

Quezon City Representative, Winston Castelo advocating the best interest of OFWs’ authored the House Bill 5501. Overseas Filipino workers shall have added protection against abusive employers through this bill which will arrest foreign employers as soon as they step onto the Philippine soil.

Added Protection to Overseas Filipino Workers Act of 2011 further strengthened to give more security of OFWs’. This does not only aid, help and resolve conflicts but to persecute abused foreign employers.

With the advocacy of the legislators OFWs’ could move further to a safer destination. For more than 10 million overseas Filipino workers and in a coming year it is foreseen to rise further. It is just and better to give OFWs’ a blanket of security since overseas Filipino workers has been the major contributor of the influx of dollars in the country. OFW remittances will likely to exceed Php 20Billion as target for 2011, just September of this year the total OFW remittances already reached a record amount of Php 14.76 Billion.

OFWs’ were the modern day heroes but more than that as OFWs’ described as real blood heroes for transfusing dollars to the dying Philippine economy.

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