29 November 2011

Safa Oilfied and Majestic Sand dunes

Working in the middle of welderness would mean depression and gloom. As I was trying to explore my new area of assignment, I noticed the hidden beauty of the welderness. Safa Oxy oilfield has been covered with vast majestic sand dunes which mostly resembles like pyramids and rustic mountains.

 I have been here now for almost 15 days, though keeping my self intact with this far from human habitation, there's more in here waiting to be discovered.

Safa oilfield is one of the biggest oilfield and has major oil deposits in the Sultanate of Oman. This area covered entirely with  desert with seldom trees stood  miles apart for another. The weather is harsh sometimes cold and mostly hot and dry the whole day. If you could perhaps  be given a chance to come by, you might not stay any longer than a day.

But within the vast desert on top lies a beautiful sand dunes with fine rustic or brown sand formed like pyramids and curved mountains. I was mesmerized by this enchanting beauty as I always travel between oil rig and to the main camp for inspection.  This beautiful landscape were carved by no one but  by nature alone.

Here's the pictures taken for your liking.

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27 November 2011

Another Pinoy Pride: Bulacan Students 4th in World Robot Olympiad

Truely Philippines science education is world class. This latest event held in Abu Dhabi U.A.E. has just concluded that Filipino students are world class competitive when it comes to science and invention.

Image Detail High school students from Bulacan province proved that they too are equally educated compared to those students in schools  from the capital of the Philippines. The World Robot Olympiad held in Abu Dhabi concluded that this students were competitive not only in the Philippines but to the world.

This great news excites me that one day it is not impossible that we might have more distinguished Filipino  scientist.

Congratulations to this 3 young fabulous students! You made us all Pinoy proud!

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15 November 2011

A Book review: 5 Things You need to do before you die

How to live a life of no regrets? If you ever wonder what legacy you would leave behind, then you probably need to read this book.  5 things you need to do before you die was written by Philippine’s bestselling inspirational and motivational author, Bo Sanchez.

In this book, He described chapter by chapter on how to follow your bliss and live a life of no regrets.  Readers were given details on how to live a life full of acceptance, courage and inspiration.

I feel like I’m obliged to share this book most specifically to our overseas Filipino workers. We understand that being an overseas worker, we have submitted ourselves and committed to support and give our life to our families left home.

But having been into this situation, did we ever ask ourselves, shall we ever live this life with no regrets at all? Did we ever embrace this life of self-sacrifice and accept the fact that we are obliged to be in this situation? What legacy you could imagine to leave behind?

Bo Sanchez wrote this book with a very emotional question, How to die with a profound happiness?
Here, he listed some keys that you may learn to live fully and accept the question who you are passionately.

1.      Celebrate who you are?

= Be true to yourself; accept the fact that you are unique because God designed you to be one. You don’t need to be a copycat, stop comparing yourself with other people. Remember you are UNIQUE! So follow your dreams, get your calling and follow your path.

2.      Live in your courage zone

=Sometimes, we need older people to bless us and give us wisdom to inspire in our ways, to stand firm in our decision.  Sometimes, we need people’s lives (success or failure) to know the true life, that from there we could define our own success and continue that journey of fulfillment.

3.      Put people before things

Bo Sanchez says if you never have happy relationships you will be never happy. No matter how much you achieve in life.  We should be grateful for the people in our life specially our loved ones. Learn to prioritize others and express the power of gratitude to them.

4.      Enjoy life in present moment

= Don’t worry about the future. Consider everyday a wonderful day. Every day is a moment of blessing. Enjoy life wherever you are.

5.      Sacrifice for something bigger than yourself

= Bo Sanchez said we are born for greatness and we have a destiny to fulfil. We are created to inspire, serve and care for others. Share God’s love and share yourself to others. In the book, it was mentioned , “ your wealth will never be enough for you. But if you offer your wealth to God, it will be enough for the world."

The Author:
Bo Sanchez has written 24 bestselling books and 8 magazines.  He is one of the best inspirational authors in the Philippines. He is one of the outstanding young men awardee in 2006. He is also a spiritual founder of Light of Jesus Family, a spiritual community.
You can contact him through email bosanchez@kerygmafamily.com

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12 November 2011

TFC’s A Mother’s Story Movie: Depicts the hard life and sacrifice of an OFW

 More movies about overseas Filipino worker’s life struggle were produced and shown. Milan and Dubai were just those two movies who made big bucks from the industry. This year, A Mother’s story was another phenomenal movie for all overseas Filipino workers to watch. The Filipino channel (TFC) released “A Mother’s Story” that depicts the hard life and sacrifices of being an overseas Filipino worker.

Pokwang not only portrays a true OFW but she showed the true color of working as a Filipino in a foreign land. This is a movie that OFWs’ and family left back home to reflect upon. Internalize the flesh of the story and be inspired from it.

How many times movies and television did showed stories like this? But still again and again we forgot to watch that there are real lessons to be learned.

OFWs’ never need a movie to remind more often that our life is a movie of our own, we should in our very own self be inspired, that we’ve struggled, that against all odds we made to support our families back home. That beneath those sacrifices we’ve shared what kind of life we ever wanted for our loved ones, those sometimes family relationships were compromised, that it’s not  an OFW has to make sacrifices alone but the whole family as well, to work together and understand each other.

This story is a no joke that after watching it, words just come out from our mouth would be fantastic! Amazing, great! Pokwang did great!  Or what a nice movie!

What I want OFWs’ like me to do, is to clearly examine what the movie wanted us to see!

Disclaimer: video and picture from ABS-CBN 

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11 November 2011

Go Negosyo and the Villar Foundation on OFW and Family Summit 2011

Go Negosyo and the Villar Foundation advocates empowering OFWs’. The 1st OFW and Family Summit will be held at the World Trade Center on November 24th. The theme of this event is “Kabuhayan para sa Kinabukasan”

If you are in Manila area or perhaps anyone who has OFW family member nearby, do come and learn ways on essential entrepreneurship.

 Go Negosyo and the Villar Foundation were very instrumental in educating OFWs’ on ways to give OFWs’ a wise option to make their hard earned money secured and leveraged to gain  financial security.

Working overseas is only temporary, this however, is a good way to earn and save for the future.  Make the most of our hard earned money and making it in a well secured option. With this, Go Negosyo and the Villar Foundation educate OFWs’ in financial management and entrepreneurship.

OFW and Family summit 2011 offer OFWs’ an opportunity to learn and earn. This event is a good productive tool to make OFWs’ lives being better equipped with financial knowledge and management.

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08 November 2011

The Heritage Hotel: Overnight stay courtesy of Philippine Airlines

I stayed overnight at the Heritage hotel courtesy of Philippine Airlines. I always trust Philippine Airlines with my onward domestic travel. As a Mabuhay miles card holder, I find comfort and luxury on board Philippine Airlines. On my recent vacation, I observed major setback from PAL operations. Whatever that problem was, it’s just an internal affair between the company and the employees association.

With hundreds of passengers affected on the situation, PAL never turn their back to their loyal customers. I know the management was losing a big amount of money considering the number of flights being cancelled.

My flight to Cagayan de Oro was one of the lists as cancelled. I was instructed to visit PAL office just right beside NAIA   Terminal 2. With no other flight available on a late afternoon. Customer service officers offered me a hotel accommodation for a night and of course transport service and a food coupon.

Situation like this is not new to me, I experienced similar situation from Gulf Air and Cebu Pacific Air from the previous years.

 I was one of those unlucky or perhaps lucky customers. Though PAL customer service called me up prior to my scheduled flight, I was unreachable at that moment for I have already started my journey to the Philippines.

Well then, this is what had happened. The customer service scheduled my flight on the next day, early morning. Since PAL flights to Cagayan de Oro has been all cancelled. My ticket is for AirPhil Express (Air Philippines). I could never ask for more, Air Philippines is after all PAL’s sister company.

A private transport service sent me to the Heritage Hotel located along Roxas Boulevard and a few miles away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The Heritage hotel is one of the best hotels in manila where Casino Filipino is located just at the right side of the building. The Heritage hotel is definitely a good place to find comfort with their suite rooms overlooking Roxas Boulevard (my room is on the sixth floor, 618 if I could still remember).

On top of this, a food buffet of eight main courses and dessert buffet free from your selection. The variety of food choices took me a while to just stand in the middle of the dinning hall and keeping my eyes  filled with beautiful and colorful presentation of food. Foods were like crafted in the whole area.

What I never like though, is the internet connection, would you believe? they are charging three thousand pesos on internet cable connection.  This is actually refundable after checking out, but they are charging 100 peso per hour of internet usage. No free wireless internet available.

Thanks to PAL for a wonderful gesture of apology. The cancelled flight made another worthwhile experience. The conflict between PAL management and employees labour association still on negotiation, I am hoping all will be resolved in due time.

PAL as I have discovered was the oldest commercial airline ever existed in Asia. That means PAL has already been on operation before Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and etc.

The Heritage Hotel  Photo #1
The Heritage Hotel Manila features a three floor casino, is located within easy access of the Makati and Manila business districts, and is approximately 

Starting at US $82 Per Night

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07 November 2011

Social Security System Flexi Fund Program for OFWs'

The Social Security System (SSS) provided additional service for overseas Filipino worker, the Flexi-fund program. On top of the regular membership program, Flexi –fund was created to provide OFWs’ another option for a solid financial security.

What you should know about SSS Flexi-fund?

SSS Flexi – fund Program is a provident fund specially designed for overseas Filipino workers. This is an optional service aside from the regular OFW membership.

This program is designed to provide opportunity for OFWs’ to save more and set aside part of their earnings abroad. These serve as a supplement to SSS benefits, thus giving an additional layer of social security protection.

 Benefits of SSS Flexi-fund:

As a member under this program, you are entitled to an additional income from your savings. Members, who reached the age of 60, disabled or get injured from work, will receive a monthly pension aside from the regular SSS membership coverage. Beneficiaries from passed away members will receive lump sum equivalent to the cash value of the remaining pension.

A member may terminate his contribution early and can withdraw his contribution anytime including the interest incurred from the program.

Flexi-fund as a good investment:

Contributions under this program were invested in all government securities. All interest earned under this program are based on treasury rate, thus it is guaranteed on high yielding and a risk free investment.

This program aims to supplement your pension benefits and will provide a better opportunity for a well sounded financial stability.  You can even withdraw your contribution whenever your overseas contract ends; for kids school fees, need money for house improvement and or to finance your small business.

However, pre-termination fees will be imposed from withdrawal of contribution which only stayed less than a year.

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03 November 2011

Gulf Air Ground Staff Hospitality

I should never forget Gulf Air ground staff hospitality. Though I never get to know their names but they are tremendously courteous and pleasant.

As I was being told by the customer service through email earlier than my flight schedule, that they are going to upgrade my seat into a business class, I expect nothing but extraordinary attention.

 Just as I was patiently waiting for my turn to get my visa screened (usual protocol in NAIA 1 for outbound OFWs').  After the screening, I headed directly to the check in counter, the ground staff with a smile said, oh! So you're Mr. Pasilan. She then immediately called up her ground supervisor.

As the ground supervisor approaches, she said she was informed of my coming and instructed to upgrade my seat to a business class! I was never surprised for I have been informed ahead. But, I admit I was happy, I already knew the comfort of business class, stretch your legs and lay down comfortably as if you are in your own single bed and of course a delightful food of your choice.

This I like most, all has been done but the Gulf Air ground staff hospitality never ends there. She accompanied me all the way to Gulf Air Lounge. You’re being treated like VIP, I thanked them for this. Self-service of all you ever want, coffee, sandwiches, soda, food and dessert.

While on board Gulf Air GF-155, I have been assigned to a front seat, I asked the flight attendant if I could possibly transfer to a seat near window. She said that seat is for the pilot (probably to sleep). I have no comments then, though food is good, but the service is only fair as far as I could rate.

I should never compare Gulf Air ground and air staff service method. I know all crews have protocols and quality service orientation but it’s up to them to assess how far they made Gulf Air passenger comfortable and should make only one reason to choose again Gulf Air as their airline of preference.

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02 November 2011

Bank Muscat Remittance Centre now to serve 55,000 Filipinos across the Sultanate

Filipino Remittance Centre launched by Bank Muscat in partnership with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) to serve the 55,000 strong Filipino population across the Sultanate of Oman.

Bank Muscat leads the way to offer value added service to the Filipino community as being the 5th largest customer of the bank. As the bank find ways to ensure good customer service Filipino remittance desk has been initiated.

The synergy between Bank Muscat and RCBC opens a lot of option in sending money to the Philippines.  Filipino residents can now enjoy the RCBC Telemony service.

Telemony service options are the following:

TeLEREMET – an account needed in any bank in the Philippines to avail this service. Remittance sent directly to the beneficiary, and information via SMS will be send to the beneficiary. This is the shorted possible option and money can either be collected at any RCBC Bank branches.

TeLECREDIT – a remittance from one account to the other. Remittance directly credited to RCBC or any bank account. Proceeds are available for withdrawal at any ATM.

TeLe Pay – A facility utilized for directly paying utility bills in the Philippines.

TeLE Door to Door – The most convenient for the beneficiary, funds will be delivered directly via courier right at the beneficiary’s doorstep.

RCBC/ Bank Muscat Remittance Centre is located in Ruwi. Within this month, soon the new location will be at the back of Al Jadeeda store a four blocksbehind Badr Al Samaa Clinic.

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